About Us is the Internet’s largest Do It Yourself Online community for home renovations and repairs! Launched in 2003, we have 2 million topics and 300,000 members. The users who contribute to this website are certified contractors giving tips and tricks, and home owners and renters who have come up with their own guides and techniques. They discuss remodeling, renovating, landscaping and home and apartment repair.

DIYChatRoom has been referenced as the authority by many large, prominent websites: We are heavily linked by Pinterest users who bookmark and plan their home projects, and has been often referenced by book authors, such as “The Complete Guide to Growing your own Fruits and Berries“, and by Wikipedia, as an expert location for Tempered Glass .

The top 3 most popular sections of our website are:

Home Improvement – Electricial

Home Improvement – HVAC

Home Improvement – Building & Construction

A great example of an amazing conversation is helping new ceiling fan owners. One of our most popular conversations involves home owners who want to install their own ceiling fans, but come across a burning smell afterwards. Our experts have guidance on when to worry and call an expert!

The DIY Chat Room website is owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc., located at 111 Peter St, Suite 901, Toronto, Canada, M5V2H1.

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