LED Lighting Projects You Can Do This Weekend

LED Lighting Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Remodeling your home can range from very expensive to fairly cheap. Things like completely overhauling your bathroom or having a deck built are pricey while repainting your cabinets can be found on the opposite end of the spectrum.

There’s also something to be said about how much time renovation can take as well. Far be it from us to say that remodeling your bathroom isn’t worth the amount of time that it takes, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it takes a lot of, well… time.

If you’re looking for something relatively cheap and quick, something that you can do in about a weekend or so, then you might want to stick to painting your walls – or hey, installing some LED lights doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea either.

Why Should I Bother with Installing LED Lighting?

First and foremost, at least as far as this article is concerned, anyway, LED lights can be pretty quick and easy to install. They’re much better for the environment than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. In fact, they’re up to 80% more efficient and only waste up to 5% of energy as opposed to fluorescent lights which only uses about 5% of the energy they make as light and 95% of it as heat.

LEDs typically use less power than traditional lights and they’re non-toxic, as well, so you don’t have to worry about landfill contamination via mercury when disposing of them. LEDs focus light better and generally last a lot longer too. To summarize, if you want good lighting in your home, consider using LEDs.

Weekend LED Lighting Installation Projects

1. Installing LED Lights in Your Drawers

The back of drawers tends to be a dark, unforgiving abyss that not even the brightest of lights can reach. Solving this can be as simple as installing an LED light strip. The MegaBrite Wireless Motion Sensor Undercabinet Lights can be installed with adhesive on the sides or back of your drawers. The lights are motion-sensitive, can be installed almost anywhere (in closets, undershelves, in dark pantries, etc.), and can be found on Amazon or at Costco.

2. Putting LED Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Having maximum lighting in your kitchen is important because no one wants ill seasoned food or accidents with cutlery to be the norm. Installing a few LED light strips underneath your cabinets can add some much-needed brightness. These lights can be found at Walmart and installed with adhesive tape and come with anchors screws for a more secure fit.

3. Crafting Outdoors LED Lantern Lights

Light is a good way to create ambiance and set the mood for any event. If you want to make your outdoor space feel that much more special, then consider making some LED light lanterns. These are hardly what you’d call a complex project; it’s as simple as purchasing small LEDs and placing them into jars which you can then hang, place on the ground, or tables.

These projects are very simple and are definitely something that can be accomplished in two or three days. They don’t take very much time and can make your home so much more functional and fashionable in many different ways.

One thing to keep in mind folks: if you’re going to be working with any kind of tools that you should always, always observe proper safety measures. Installing LED light strips won’t necessarily require tools – just the adhesive – but if you want the extra security of screws, be careful when working with them.

If there are any other LED light projects that you know of, let us know in the comments below, you know we like hearing from you! And of course, you also know that safety is the golden rule!

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