Why Painter's Tape Is a DIYer's Best Friend

Why Painter’s Tape Is a DIYer’s Best Friend

Do you have a roll of blue painter’s tape? If so, you have a potent tool for much more than protecting your molding. This nifty stuff can help you finish several projects in ways you never imagined.

Painter’s tape is unique because it maintains its adhesive ability, even after you peel it off — as anyone who has ever gotten a wad stuck to their hand can testify. However, the sticky bits don’t mar surfaces, making it safe to use even on automobiles.

1. It Designs Photo Collages

Do you have a grouping of pictures or other artwork that you want to hang, but you’re not sure how to lay it out? Painter’s tape can help create your design. You can cut strips of tape to the size of your framed photos to get the spacing perfect.

Perhaps you have larger pictures to hang — the kind that requires more than one nail or screw? If so, cut a strip of tape the length of the two holes. Level the tape on the wall, and hammer the nails in — voilá!

2. It Holds Small Objects

It doesn’t matter if you’re fixing a vacuum cleaner belt or constructing furniture — nuts and bolts roll like crazy. Use a strip of painter’s tape to keep track of small parts for projects. That way, you don’t waste time chasing runaways that sneak off under your couch.

3. It Protects Your Floors 

You can use drop cloths when you paint, but if they get shifted by your shoes, you could still end up with stains. Instead, use painter’s tape and butcher paper to protect flooring. Adhere the paper to the floor and score it even with your moldings — no more drips!

4. It Gets Your Caulk Straight 

You know you need to hold the gun at a 45-degree angle to get a straight line of caulk. However, even though DIY shows make the process looks simple, it takes considerable skill. Save your glass from drips by using painter’s tape to keep your caulk straight. It’s much less painful on arthritic hands than trying to maintain steady pressure.

5. It Keeps Your Food Fresh 

Oh, no! Did the spring on your chip clip bounce its final boink? No need to let your crisps go stale — or scarf down the entire bag. You could perform a bit of snack origami — or you could use a strip of painter’s tape to seal the bag. If precious seconds will determine if you break your diet, opt for the speedy solution!

6. It Protects Your Shirt Sleeves 

Sometimes, you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work — but they won’t cooperate. Before making the final roll, take a small piece of painter’s tape and fold it to make it double-sided. Tack it inside your sleeve, and you won’t end up dipping your cuff in paint or spaghetti sauce.

7. It Lets You Cut a Rug 

You can try to visualize what your new area rug will look like — or you could whip out the painter’s tape and map different sizes on the floor before you buy. With these techniques, you can order online but still clearly outline what the product will fit like in your home. It also keeps you from buying a carpet that’s too large for the space it’s intended to fill, such as a small bathroom.

8. It Guards Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

If you’re traveling over rocky terrain, you can protect the front and bottom of your paint job with painter’s tape. While you don’t want to leave the material on for an extended time, it typically pulls off cleanly without damaging your finish. It takes a few minutes but can save you a fortune in bodywork.

9. It Makes an Ideal Stencil

Who says you have to paint walls a uniform color? Create a cheerful checkerboard pattern on your child’s playroom wall with the use of tape. Create interesting geometric patterns in your living area or kitchen. You can even use small strips to outline fabric paint to make team T-shirts and the like.

Make DIY Life a Breeze With the Help of Painter’s Tape 

If you thought painter’s tape was only for protecting your molding from spatter, think again! The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities for using this tool in DIY fun.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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