How to Remodel a Commercial Bathroom

How to Remodel a Commercial Bathroom

Bathrooms matter. Think about a business where you remember how clean and comfortable the restroom was. Maybe it’s a favorite restaurant where creative design elements made the bathroom a pleasant surprise or a hotel that offered premium features and a classy stay that made you feel just a little more special.

In a commercial setting, how your bathroom presents is one of those “little things” that should take on an outsized importance in your mind. The underlying message here is crucial: You as a tenant or a customer matter, and the management of that space want you to feel comfortable and taken care of. So if you’ve got an example of a commercial restroom that’s looking tired, here’s how to freshen it up!

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Even though we gave the example of a restaurant with a trendy bathroom, you’re probably best off in this scenario by playing it safe. Classic, classy designs will stand the test of time and keep you from having to invest more money in another remodel before you had planned on it.

You probably want to choose mostly neutral, inoffensive colors. While it can be tempting to go with low-cost materials like countertops and partitions if your restroom uses thm, consider the statement that makes and how your audience will respond to it. Using a more durable material that will extend the life of the bathroom might be a better choice long-term, and your customers or tenants will appreciate it.

Make It Modern

People expect modern bathrooms will offer high-tech amenities like plenty of electrical outlets, working hands-free sinks and soap dispensers and clean, large mirrors. If your space doesn’t have an electrical system that can support this level of technology, it’s worth your time and effort to bring it up to snuff. Consider how disappointed you would be if your co-worker plugged in an electric razor and suddenly the lights went out on you in the stall.

Modern luxuries should go further than just working electrical outlets and hands-free soap dispensers, though. If you can afford it, consider placing a vanity with integrated features and some flattering lighting. Individual mirrors, rather than a single large mirror, can give the space a more personal feel and will surely earn approval from those who frequent the space.

Build It to Endure

Not only is it critical to use materials and components that offer a long life, but they need to be tough enough to withstand abuse. Unfortunately, we know it to be true that commercial bathrooms can be subject to some crude behavior. So choose strong, scratch-resistant counters that consist of hardened materials, rather than porous and expensive stone that could easily suffer a stain within its first few months in place.

Make It Accessible

Particularly if you’re installing this bathroom in a public place, at least one of your bathrooms should have the proper accommodations for wheelchair accessibility. That means wide doorways, grab bars and handholds in the shower, if you have one.

Although it might seem like a big project now, you’ll be doing right by every visitor to your building by bringing your aged bathroom up to modern standards. It’s one of those projects you’ll probably be proud of down the road when you use it yourself. So don’t cheat yourself and your patrons out of a comforting space to freshen up.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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