Show Off Your DIY Projects with These Photography Tips

Show Off Your DIY Projects with These Photography Tips

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an occasional DIYer, you want to show off your hard work. Everyone has a smartphone these days and most have decent cameras. Here are some simple photography tips to show off your DIY projects:

Consider investing in a nice camera. Though your smartphone has a decent camera, you may want to think about buying a better one. A good camera doesn’t have to be too expensive and you’ll be able to use it for plenty of other things, not just photographing your DIY projects.

Familiarize yourself with the technology. Whether you’re using your phone camera or a separate camera, take a look at the user manual to learn what functions are available and how to use them. It’s important to be able to change things like the white balance to make your pictures come out right.

Don’t be afraid to edit your photos. Most smartphones have simple photo editing software installed on them, so you might be able to edit your photos right from your phone. Play around with exposure, cropping, and white balanced to make your photos look their best.

Think about your composition. Composition is simply the way objects are arranged in the photo and you can change it based on where you stand or how you hold the camera. One thing you can do is use the grid setting on your camera and try to arrange the shot so it is aligned with the lines or with their intersections.

Find the right lighting. Artificial light will never look as good as natural light, but sometimes your options are limited. If your DIY project is portable, take it outside on a nice day to photograph it. If you’re forced to photograph indoors, consider setting up a work light behind a sheer curtain to diffuse and soften it.

Play with different angles. There is no rule that says you can only take a straight-on shot of your work. By playing around with angles and the zoom function on your camera, you can take some pretty cool pictures. Play around, trying different things until you get the shot you want.

Use props or include people. Sometimes the best way to make your project look its best is to shoot it in action. Use family or friends to help showcase your work or use props, depending on what the project is. If you’re creating DIY projects to sell, it is particularly important to showcase the item well and including props is a great way to do that.

Make sure your shots are steady. There’s nothing worse than taking what you think is a series of nice photos to find out that they are blurry. Holding a phone camera steady can be tough, so consider setting it up on a solid surface to take your photos. For cameras, consider a tripod.

Not everyone is a professional when it comes to home renovations or photography, but you can certainly pretend! If you’ve taken the time to complete a DIY project, you want to share it with the world. By using these photography tips, you can do just that!

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