• How to Spot a Roof Leak

    How to Spot a Roof Leak

    Letting a roof leak go undetected and unrepaired for too long can lead to serious trouble. Your ceiling and walls can become damaged or worse yet, mold, the bane of all homeowners, can rear its ugly head.

  • Dry Erase Walls

    Dry Erase Walls

    One thing you can do to make your home living space more enjoyable is to add some dry erase walls to kids’ bedrooms or play areas. A dry erase wall is a great way to let kids explore creativity, have more fun practicing spelling and math problems, and do something together to give you a little time to yourself.

  • Building a Fire Pit? What You Need To Know!

    Building a Fire Pit? What You Need To Know!

    At the end of a full day of hard work, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting around a fire with your favorite people and roasting marshmallows while you chat, sing campfire songs, or stargaze. If you’re fortunate enough to live where you have the space, a fire pit can be a wonderful addition to your yard.

  • Gutter Replacement 101

    Gutter Replacement 101

    You can check over your gutters by walking around your house on a clear day and performing a cursory inspection. Look for signs of wear like sagging, splitting, or holes. People with galvanized steel gutters should be on the lookout for rusted over areas in particular. Washed-out landscaping, peeling paint, and loose fasteners are hints that your gutters aren’t in top condition as well.

  • Reduce your COVID-19 Risks with Curbside Pickup

    Reduce your COVID-19 Risks with Curbside Pickup

    When it comes to picking up supplies for your next home project, it might seem a bit odd to have them brought out to you, but there are lots of benefits and not too many downsides to ordering online and having it brought to your car. Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, and Home Depot are all offering curbside pickup.

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