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Outlet Meltdown...
I live in an older house that was split into 4 units in Calgary, Alberta Canada and I rent. I have had a problem with this one outlet before in my place in which I phoned the landlord to get somebody to fix it; she did. But, another outlet has blown in a different location, in which case it blew and melted the outlet and casing. I ended up not phoning when this one happened due to the fact of the riga-moroll it took to get her to fix the initial one. Now, just last night the outlet that she supposedly got the guy to fix was melting and smoldering but nothing was plugged into it. I had a friend over and both me and him could smell it but no sign of the meltdown until after. How is this possible? Should I be quite worried of fire? I have 2 pics but dont know how to attach them here. Any suggestions will help, thank you.

Karl with a "K"
IMG 0276
IMG 0274

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