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Water equipment
Different types of water equipmen
K-100 installed 1982 
Dirty on the outside but still making good water 
Hs gone through four households - Curtice
Toilet 6 weeks old on hard water with 1.5 ppm iron
Toilet on 21 year old Kinetico
K-60 Installed 1982 
Fisher - Fremont 
Still producing soft, iron-free water.
k-100 reinstalled from original house from 1981. new resins and valve cleaning only. 
Like new!
2030 on 22 gpg 
laundrypure on 
Uses ozone and silver ions to do laundry without detergent or hot water. Some exceptions on performance like heavy stains.
K5 panels off 
Very customizable filter arrangement. 
40 gallon per day actual production, 10 year warranty on parts and membrane.
K5 installed
Kiser - Tiffin
K-100, RO 
Nagy - Gibsonburg
k-60 Installed in 1987 - original resins on 36 gpg 1.0 
Meyer - Elmore
K-100 Installed in 1988  
85 gpg, 2.5 iron 
Extended family of up to 9 peopleStill producing soft water. 
Miller - Fremont
Stenner pump used for peroxide systems
H202 system with 2060 Carbon filter 
Wahlers - Rocky Ridge
Old K-60 installed in 1982 
Still working with original resin and only two service calls. 
Kelly - Fremont
K-45 Installed in 1987 on 18 grains 
Still producing soft water for 3 -6 people over the years. 
J. Samuels - Sandusky Co.
K-100 Installed 1987 on 65 grains and 2.5 iron. 
One service call -  salt bridging 
Weickert - Fremont
28 year old softener (brown) and 6 year old sulfur guard 
Avery - Oak Harbor 
Hardness was 89 gpg, 2.0 iron, 4ppm sulfur. 
Follwed by RO
K175 for 116 GPG hardness 
Sulfur Guard for 4-6 ppm sulfur, follwed by RO 
Rowe - Bowling Green
K-175 for 112 gpg and 3 ppm iron 
Gerber - Lindsey
4060 ceramic 
D. Dipman -  Genoa 
Heavy ferric iron
4060 Pelee Is., ON, CAN 
M. Axner 
Surface water treatment right out of Lake Erie. Follwed by UV and RO
4060 Pelee Is., ON CAN 
Heavy sediment from surface water. Follwed by UV and RO
2060 installed in Oak Harbor. 
Replaced a Culligan Mark 89 that let iron and hardness through

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