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Originally Posted by AfterDinner View Post
You might also try sealing concrete block if your basement is built with such. If you have a studded basment that is unfinished, you could insulate and add a vapor barrier(ie plastic sheeting).
In regards to this, my basement was Dry Locked before framing, however only 1 coat was done because I was told that it was sufficient. There is no vapor barrier on the outside of the framing either, however there was no evidence of water in the basement prior to the finish, and the outside of the home has a great drainage system.

Think I should worry?


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No. I wouldn't. If there is no evidence of moisture anywhere, why worry about it?
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Basement moisture and fans 9/1/13

September 1st 2013

My home was built around 1895, The owners in 1913 jacked the home up and put block walls and flooring.
The basement consist of 5 rooms divided by block walls, with door ways to each room.
I have always had some moisture in the air in hot July and August months
I would set a fan on a timer to circulate the air I did the same this year also.
Yesterday ,, I went down to grab a few old wood chairs and a card table what the heck they were really moldy.
The card table has a vinyl covering this too was moldy.

I have not had this problem before? someone mentioned that a fan would cause the air to be too cool and cause molding conditions.
Perhaps the air condition running caused the heat pipes to drip with condensation un noticed by me. I don't frequent the basement that often.

I'll buy a new dehumidifier if I can find one with a good review for about $250.00 Most have bad reviews some good Hummm
They cost about $55.00 a month to run Can they be used on a timer 12 0n and 12 off ?

I will check back in a week Thanks
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A fan will circulate air, not change the temperature of the air. If the air contains excessive humidity, then circulating it will do no good. Circulating air across a cool surface may promote condensation and result in mold growth. If you can't circulate fresh air into the space, the a dehumidifier is the best bet. What you want is to run it until the humidistat on the machine shuts it off. It may run 3-4 hours and shut off or it might run 20 hours. It's impossible to say. $55.00 per month seems pretty high for a dehumidifier.
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Hello Everyone,
Hi all, I really think this was a good post, and the responses of all it has done even more interesting
Good day!
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You need to wash your concrete basement walls and floor on a regular basis if it is not dampproof. Better to get bluesealed from outside.
Other problem in a basement is no air floor around the floor, so you need fans down there or sort of exhaust.

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Put an unsalted cracker in the basement. If it stays below 12 percent moisture your basement is in good condition moisture wise.


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