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brokenknee 08-13-2009 07:43 PM

How to Post Pictures
We all know that a Picture is worth a thousand words.

So how do you get the picture on the website to either explain what you are asking, try to explain how something is done or just to show off your handy work?

I acknowledge there is more than one way to accomplish this; the one I am going to explain is the one that works for me. If others use other methods they think work better feel free to post them here.

To Post a Picture you have on your computer.

The easiest way to post a picture from your computer is through a photo hosting web account that will generate an IMG code for you to paste in the text of your message.

There are many free sites out there that will do this for you,,,, and just to name a few. I am sure there are many more. Try them all and use the one that works best for you.

I have tried all of the above and my personal preference is photobucket. Again this is just a personal preference and I have no affiliation with any of the above sites.

Open an account (I am going to use photobucket); but before you upload your picture you must select the size you you want 640 X 480 seems to be a good general size for most uploads for web forums. Although the below photos are 800 X600. Next click on choose files, a box will appear for you to locate your picture. Simply click on the file you want to upload and the upload starts automatically.

Once you upload your photo you will need to copy and paste the IMG code into the text of your message. The IMG code is found under the picture, you may have to place your mouse on top of the picture for it to appear.

Once you copy the IMG code you simply paste it in the text box. You can verify the image will appear by clicking on the Preview post button.

One word of warning; DO NOT move your photos at your photo hosting site once they are posted to the web, to do so will break the link and they will no longer appear. I made a special folder for mine that simply says Posted to the Web, that way I know not to move any of the photos or they will no longer appear on the site were I posted them.

I will try to post how to post a picture from the web and how to post a pdf file later. I am sure I will read this later and do revisions to this also.

brokenknee 08-14-2009 08:01 PM

Posting Multiple Large Pictures on CraigsList

OK, as much as I love CraigsList I thought I would do that next.

Anyone that spends any time viewing CraigsList has surly seen more than just the four small pictures they allow you to post on their web site. You may have wondered "How the heck do they do that".

It is actually pretty simple, it is basically the same as posting pictures to a web forum with one exception, CraigsList and I am told EBay work with HTML code instead of IMG.

So here are the basics, upload your photos of the item you wish to sell to your web hosting site (I like to use the 15" screen or sometimes the 17" screen size). I will use Photobucket, Place them all in one file to make it easier to work with.

Once you have them all in one file click on the select/unselect all box (1). Clear any boxes of the pictures you do not want to appear on Craigslist. Next click on Generate HTML and IMG code (2).

Once you click on Generate HTML and IMG code this is what should appear.

Now all you have to do is click in the HTML image box making sure everything is highlighted and copy it into the text portion of your CraigsList add. It should appear like this.

Click on the continue button and your photos should appear, then just finish your ad as you normally would. I was not able to copy the complete add in Craigslist, but trust me they all showed up.

If you post pictures this way there is no limit to the amount you can have on Craigslist. I have seen as many as 12.

Remember you are not posting the actual picture on Craigslist, just a link so they can view them. So DO NOT MOVE YOUR PICTURES until you take down your add.

Go ahead and practice posting pictures to Craigslist, as long as you do not complete your add it should not be a problem.

I hope this helped and will try to get around to posting pictures from the web and posting a PDF file.

brokenknee 08-15-2009 07:26 AM

Posting Pictures from the Web.

To insert a picture from the web, right click on the picture and a box should appear. Click on properties.

Highlight and copy the Http code in the address.

Click on the little mountain to insert image.

Another box should appear that looks like this.

Now paste the link in the box, make sure you do not have a double http at the beginning of the link or it will not work.

Once you paste your link the box should look something like this.

Click the preview post button to check your work. If you like it hit submit reply and your done.

brokenknee 08-16-2009 08:13 AM

Posting a Web page or a PDF file.

So you are viewing a web page or PDF file you want to share (as I did above).

Make sure you have your cursor at the bottom of the page, click the PrtSc (print screen) button on your keyboard. Open your paint program, click on edit, then paste.

The image should appear for you to work with.

Once you are through working with your file, click file, then save as; paint will convert your file to a jpeg so you can upload it to your photo hosting site.

Give your file a name and save it in a location were you can find it again. I like to save mine on my desktop until I upload it to photobucket. Once your photos are uploaded you no longer have to save them on your computer.

DangerMouse 08-16-2009 09:47 AM

very good!

to post a pic here so it shows IN the thread you post, go to "post reply" right under this post, (not 'quick reply') then type in your response, then below that window, you'll see "manage attachments".
upload your photos there, following size specifications for that particular file type.

Good info bk!


brokenknee 08-16-2009 07:18 PM

DM, the problem I have is sometimes when I re-size my images to the blog size (320X128) in my photo editing software I still get the message the file is to large when I try to upload it to the site. :(

I just recently learned how to do the above after a little research on the web and found that it goes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. I would also think that most of the sites would prefer it since it does not use up any of their bandwidth. :)

DangerMouse 08-16-2009 07:41 PM

i had that same problem on a magic site. look carefully at their kb limits, and compress jpg as needed, and also be sure the width is right, and the height is right. I usually make it a bit smaller to be sure.


Roy Rowlett 08-16-2009 09:53 PM

My photo album in the DIY Showcase (control panel)
I cannot control the sequence of my photos in my album. I went under Control Panel, and created an album. When I uploaded picures, they were arranged in my album in a sort of random order. I wanted them in chronological order, but whether I upload them in order or in reverse order, the resulting order in my album is random. How can I control the sequence of photos as they appear in my album?

DangerMouse 08-17-2009 06:44 AM

have you tried numbering them? they're likely shown alphabetically.


Roy Rowlett 08-17-2009 07:09 AM

Yes I tried that as well. It still arranges them in an order that I cannot figure out.

DangerMouse 08-17-2009 07:33 AM

did you try 001picture.jpg, 002picture.jpg, etc? if so, perhaps Nathan can tell you how you can do it?
or not? they may be randomized by software and you won't be able to.

Roy Rowlett 08-17-2009 08:12 AM

I tried 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. It put them in this order: 3.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg. I sent Nathan a message, no answer yet.
It doesn't make much sense to try to show a project if the pictures are in random sequence. I will stop trying until I hear a solution.

DangerMouse 08-17-2009 08:38 AM

you could always post a new thread and just do them one post at a time that way.
then they will be in the right order.


Roy Rowlett 08-17-2009 08:48 AM

I'm trying to use the Showcase function to show the different phases of a project I just completed.

Scuba_Dave 08-17-2009 09:45 AM

I would just host the pics on another picture site like Photobucket
Then link the pics in your thread
I've yet to see any forum software where you can arrange pics the way you want

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