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stefanmuc2k 01-13-2012 11:11 AM

How to improve tiling style
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Ok, so I'm not a professional when it comes to laying tiles, but I got some good tips from professionals and wanted to share them here.

It's basically a small set of style rules - a project can still look fine without following these rules, but using them it will look even nicer.

#1 When tiling a wall, avoid having a small strip of tiles at one end. Rather use cut tiles on both ends. Also make sure the cut end of the tile points to the end of the wall, not towards the whole tiles. So not like in the first diagram, but rather like in the second:
Attachment 44030

#2 When you need to cut tiles to reach a corner, continue with a cut tile on the next wall, not with a full tile. Ideally cut both tiles to be exactly the same width, but if that conflicts with rule 1, at least make sure it's in the same range. Use the second version, rather than the first:
Attachment 44031

#3 When you have a decorative border and need to cut tiles to reach the intended height, make sure the tiles to cut are near the floor, not near the border.

So not like this:
Attachment 44033
But rather this:
Attachment 44032

Hope this is useful for some.

ollemar 02-18-2012 06:17 PM

great tips indeed

Jackofall1 02-18-2012 06:21 PM

Great tips, but what if you are tiling diagonally?


nathan.hawk 02-19-2012 02:33 PM

Thanks for the tips. So, at all edges (ends) should always be cut tiles, and the consistency or symmetry should always hold on both ends?

stefanmuc2k 02-24-2012 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by Jackofall1 (Post 856858)
Great tips, but what if you are tiling diagonally?

I'm not quite sure, I've never done diagonal tiling on the wall, only on the floor. (As I said at the beginning - I'm not a professional, just passing on some tips I found useful.)

The problem for diagonal tiles is that you always need to cut when tiling against a straight border. So I think the equivalent for rule 1, would be to avoid having one tile very small and the other very big. (E.g. avoid having a 5% / 95% setup, depending on the size of the tiles.)

Then in the corner, if you have to cut both tiles (rather than having one full, and one cut at 50%) continue with cut tiles on the adjoining wall.

Tiling up to a decorative border you'd want one tile at exactly 50%, the other one a full tile. But in this case you can't avoid having cut tiles all along the border. On my skill level that would look ragged, so personally I wouldn't attempt that. (But if you are really good at cutting tiles, that might not be an issue.) If you are tiling up to the ceiling that should be ok, though. However in that case the ceiling really needs to be level since you are using it as a visual reference. (Which is one reason for tiling to a decorative border, it gets rid of the uneven ceiling problem :whistling2: .)

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