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Cleaning the duct by your self

The air in your home should be clean and safe to breathe, and your HVAC system shouldn't place an unnecessary strain on your utility budget. Here are 5 warning signs that your ductwork is contaminated and needs to be cleaned.

1. Your Energy Costs Are Climbing

If your electricity bill is increasing at an unusual rate, there are hundreds of possible explanations, but even the greenest homeowners often forget to check their air ducts. When air doesn't flow through your home properly -- or when the filter gets clogged quickly -- your heating and cooling system has to work extra hard to achieve the same results. If possible, check the cost of your electricity per source; if the air conditioner is causing the drain, you might need to schedule a duct-cleaning session.

2. You Have Allergies or Other Health Issues

Do you (or your family members) suffer from repeated, unexplained illnesses? Are you particularly likely to get sick during cold and flu season? You could be breathing air that's contaminated by fungus, mold, bacteria and dust. During a thorough, professional air duct cleaning, an expert technician will use chemicals and tools that completely remove microbial contaminants. However, it's important that you figure out the source to prevent future issues.

3. Your Property Includes a Body of Water

Whether you have a backyard pool or live on a lake, if there's water on your property, there's extra humidity in your home. Dehumidifiers and proper ventilation can help prevent the buildup of mold and mildew, improving your air quality and reducing your chance of getting sick. But if you've had to correct other problems related to moisture levels, it's time to take a look at your ductwork too. Additional moisture can build up inside it, decreasing its efficiency and spreading moisture back through your home.

4. Your House Is Very New or Very Old

If you have a brand-new house, it's important to make sure no oils or chemicals were left over after the ductwork installation. Household renovations also contribute to extra contaminants, so if you've recently updated your older home, make sure someone inspects the ductwork for debris, dust, dirt and other contaminants that can build up during construction. Another red flag is old ductwork. Schedule an inspection if you're not sure about the state of your current HVAC system; preventative duct cleaning is much less expensive than replacing a broken system.

5. You Smoke or Have Pets

Cigarette smoke and pet dander are particularly common causes of air pollution. You can prevent problems by smoking only outdoors and sweeping or vacuuming regularly, but if your household habits weren't ideal until now, your ductwork might need to catch up. Duct cleaning reverses the damage caused by airborne pollutants and allows the mechanics within your HVAC system to properly filter, ventilate, heat and cool your home.

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