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keeganjam 12-07-2010 12:36 AM

Water Has Loads To Offer People
Research experts state that a mere 0.2 percent of the ocean’s water can provide electricity to the whole world. Oceans have a lot of untouched renewable energy form, which can be conserved for future usage. There are two forms of energy produced by the oceans – mechanical and thermal. Technologies of ocean power have been in practice for the past many centuries. The energy caused by the ocean is very much predictable.

The tidal power is very knowable due to the fact that the tides are high twice a day due to the gravitational force of the moon. The currents of the tides and marine are 832 times thicker than the flowing air over the wind mills. Outputs are guaranteed by the ocean energy. Irrespective of the weather, tides always occur in the oceans and seas. Ocean currents and tidal dams are the two methods of making tidal power.

Tidal turbines or ocean turbines produces 1MW of power, it is one-third of the wind turbines’ size that produces the same capability of power. The waves develop due to the wind that blows over the surface has a great amount of energy. On the coastlines, the waves create a power of 2-3 million megawatts.

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