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Originally Posted by OldNBroken View Post
Linuxrunner, In your area it would not be surprising for that roof to run $375-450/sq. Not a difficult job but it is very involved and tedious with poor access.
That works out to around $350/sq. Not unreasonable for what must be done.
If any one bid is considerably lower, make sure they are clear on what is being provided and compare the content to the others, not just the price.

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That is a reasonable price for the amount of that needs to be done.
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From what I can see and what I have read on your opening post, here is what you have.

You have the removal of four layers of roofing material. In Wisconsin, a second layer is allowed but no more. I have seen where roofers have placed a intermediary plywood or chipboard decking to get by this problem. There are some things that you come across in the roofing business that are surprising.

Anyway, with four layers, the roofing company does not even know what the situation really is in that amount of layers. I have seen one house that used the thicker shakes and it took 4-30 yard dumpsters to haul away the refuse. This cost $1200 alone for the waste. It was a comparably sized home and was only ONE layer.

As for the material, you have 40 square of decking, which is 125 4x8 sheets (with no waste), I would use the thinner material because you will not need the span rating of 1/2" cdx plywood. Normally you have the deck with 2" gaps that need to be covered. On one barn we just filled the gaps instead of decking the whole thing. Save a lot on material but took longer to do it. So let us just say 7/16" OSB. That comes to 125 x $6.48 = $810 + 5-10% for waste. 40 square of 30 year shingles @ say $87/square = $3480. Miscellaneous items like nails, edging, flashing, vents etc add in another $500. We come to a total for materials at say about $3980 add in $1000 for waste minimum we come to $4980 for materials and waste. Add in your areas permitting costs and the labor.

One thing I have noticed is that the dormer I can see has the concrete slate type siding. This has to be worked around carefully. They tend to break if you breathe on them wrong. Also dealing with the flashing there is a pain.

If I was bidding the project in my area, I would give approximately the same price as the first two.

(As for the other discussion)

There is a thing called equal under the law people. If the government enforces rules and regulations on businesses and people subvert the rules in this regards, how do you expect anyone to compete with the ones working on the side or the under the table operations?

To me, I would prefer to work under the old buyer beware and the common law ideals of contracts, but our government has stretched the businessman to the extreme in all their regs, so everyone has to follow them or no one should. Just my thoughts on that.

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What I was trying to say is every company has their own price. Some want an arm and a leg, some will work for less. In these economic times you should be able to pick and choose. Keep getting bids and check references. (I took 10 bids in my above example.)
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dont hire a roofer on price alone

Don’t hire based on price alone. All of us want a great deal, but like the old saying goes “you usually get what you pay for". It's ok to bargain hunt, just do a little research on the roofing materials used. The pricing, and some fair price ranges on the scope of work.

Some roofing contractors will ask for less money just to win the bid. How do you think they are so much lower? These contractors will usually use inferior materials, shortchange surface preparation, and spend less time on the job which results in a problem for you down the road. This is how they are able to take the job, and still make a profit.

In your scenario Company A is at 14K and Company B is at 16K. Which is not a huge difference in pricing, but if another roofer came by and told you he could do it for 7K something is probably not right. If it sound too good to be true it usually is.

Whitco Roofing
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A couple of questions:

1. Doe's your roof leak?

2. If it doe's leak, is it down to the debri that has been allowed to accumulate in the valleys and gutters etc. as shown in your original pictures

The point is 'if it ain't broke why the hell fix it' and from the photo's the roof looks in really good condition, that is except for the debris that has been allowed to accumulate!

Going by the photographs the occupier at the time would have had problems with rain water entering the building somewhere!

If you do not have any rainwater ingress at this time it becomes a matter of keeping the roof line clear of debri etc. and you can either make it a DIY'er monthly habit to clear the roof with a long reach pole and adapters, or maybe make it either a once or twice a year job for a local and reputable contractor to come around and keep the roof clear.



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