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chrisofot 08-20-2012 11:40 AM

What would you do with this flat roof?
I bought my DC area row house 4 years ago. During my initial inspection I was told I needed a new roof, so I had a new one installed prior to my moving in. I did not realize how HOT the upstairs bedrooms got (had it done before I moved in, and did not have them add any extra insulation)! The roof is in good shape and I recently painted it with BlackJack Cool Roof. I am now in the process of gutting my bathroom. During the bath reno, the bath ceiling has been removed and I can see how little insulation there is up there (and what is there is 80+ years old). The roof does have venting on the roof (2) and front and back of the house (2 in front and 2 in rear). So I guess this is called a ‘Cold Roof’. View Photos here:

My question is, now that I have the bathroom ceiling down, should I blow in some extra insulation for the whole upstairs? I would not be able to remove what is already there so it would have to go on top (could not reach). And I know I still have to leave plenty of room for ventilation. What would you do?

Windows on Wash 08-20-2012 04:11 PM

Put in some more but be sure not to obstruct the venting.

Theoretically it would have been the right time to put down some foam prior to the new roof but a high reflectivity coating will help out as well.

Best case would have been to remove the roof decking board and air seal from there, re-install plywood deck, then re-roof. 20-20 is always and exact science though.

Make the best of what you can now.

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