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wormtail 01-28-2006 02:05 PM

What is true?
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Recently we had some high winds (52mph) that blew off a couple of shingles from the roof. There are now many rows of shingles that had been lifted up and not sealed down anymore, a couple had the staples coming out, some shingles are not sealed and are bent up, some have corners that are loose and are bent down. The insurance agent said only the two shingles that were blown off was done by wind, the others did not get damaged by wind. The agent didn't know why the others were like they are but would only pay to have the two shingles fixed. A roofing contracter came out and disputed what the agent said and said it was wind damage. He also said the type of shingles on the house were made by Global Shingles which are no longer in business. I also found out the roofer that put the shingles on 8 years ago is also out of business and gone. When we had the shingles put on we also had new siding and alum. soffits put on. Another contractor told me the shingles were like they were because there was no ventilation put in the soffits. Does anyone have any thoughts why shingles would just come unstuck, curl up, curl down? Does ventilation have anything to do with the shingles going bad?
I really don't want to put a new roof on until I find out why the current roof failed. It doesn't leak but if we get some high winds again, there are
going to be a lot of shingles blown off, which of course the insurance company won't pay for because they are not sealed down. The most curious thing is all the damage is on the north side of the house. The rest of the roof looks fine.
Any thoughts you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am going to try to attachAttachment 100

Attachment 101

Attachment 102 a couple of pics so you can see what is going on.

AaronB 01-28-2006 05:26 PM

Globe went out of business due to faulty shingle claims. You many be S.O.L. This looks exactly like every other Globe shingle claim.

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