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alanisaacson 01-04-2005 03:49 PM

What is the proper ventilation needed? Ice Damns causing problems.
I was wondering what the proper ventilation would be for a bungalow style home in S.E. Michigan. The home I'm asking about currently consists of four vents along the backside of roof and a ridge vent on top. The homeowner is currently experiencing ice damns along the front side of house. She has stated that her insulation in the attic is poor but I was wondering if the vetilation sounded proper for this style of home in this climate.

johnboy52 01-07-2005 02:38 PM

You can't have ridge vents without soffit vents, so does she? Listen I'm from Colorado where Ice dams happen all the time. So I have to know a few things, like is there soffit vents, is there a soffit at all? Does her ceailing rise with the roof, or does she have a attic? Does she have gutters where the Ice dams are? What side of the house has the problem, north south east west, know doubt the north side. Listen this is how Ice dams start, first house heat melts the snow then the run off refreezs at the overhang where there's no heat, follow me? Now gutters are notorius for starting Ice dams, thats why you install heat tape, just a thick wire that you plug in and run down the gutter and down the downspout, you can also run a pattern along the eves, where the Ice dams freeze and build. I've done this a few hundred times, and it's not easy, because you have to figure the right length, and you can't run short.

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