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bonzotaztoby 07-23-2013 07:12 PM

Wavy Shingles
Hi all. I need some opinions from you professional roofers.

We had a new Owens Corning-Supreme 25 year 3-tab roof put on our house 4 years ago. As soon as it was installed we noticed that the shingles were not laying down flat on the roof. We immediately called the roofer who said that the shingles would lay down once the weather warmed up (installed in February in Denver, Colorado).

Well we waited, and waited and over the summer there was no change in the appearance of the roof... shingles still not laying down. Note that we purchased this home from a bank, who hired and paid the contractor - we never would have paid until we were satisfied with the roof.

The roofer came by again in the fall of 2009 and did some repair work (added adhesive, pounded some nails back down). We also noticed that the roofing crew used nails that stuck through the roof eaves at least an inch and tore up the eaves.

Long story as short as possible, now 4 plus years later, with no change in the appearance of the roof, shingles still sticking up, the roofer came back and again pounded the nails back down and added more adhesive today.

The roof looks only slightly better today than right after it was installed in 2009. The roofer told me today that the decking was not replaced because the city inspector said it was not rotted and didn't have to be and that the inspector, or city, had "grandfathered" the use of the older decking (house was built in 1973, not sure if decking was 5/8” or 7/16”ths).

I call bologna to say it nicely. He said that the reason the shingles are not laying down still is that the nails are pulling up from the improper decking. He is a nice guy, but I am really questioning what he is telling me and whether he should have installed new decking if in his opinion it was not thick enough to do the job right.

The 2006 I-code says that "structural roof components shall be capable of supporting the roof-covering system....". I have also seen that the "roof deck acts as a unifying structural diaphragm by tying all the structural components together". Should he have replaced the decking when he did this job? Seems to me yes, the cost was $7200 for a 1450 SF house and an attached 2 car garage. Thanks!

Gymschu 07-23-2013 08:41 PM

Pics would sure help the guys give you some sort of idea of what is going on.

Chris Nolan 08-07-2013 11:30 AM

I was taught that when asphalt roof shingles curl up long before their life expectancy dictates they should, to look for moisture problems. Excessive moisture often indicates trapped heat. Is there adequate ventilation in the attic?

Also, is this situation occurring on the entire roof or just portions? If this is only occurring in certain sections- you have to ask yourself what is different about that particular section? I'm not sure if this applies to your case, but I have seen portions of knee walls/roofs with insulation installed in the rafter cavities (and no venting baffle between the insulation and underside of roof sheathing) create "wavy" shingles above them due to trapped heat with insufficient ventilation.

747 08-07-2013 05:26 PM

Could be the sheathing. It could be laying in Feb. It could be 3 tabs. Post a pic.

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