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Water/Ice on fascia leaking into sofit and house



I just bought a house in CT this January, and with my luck just had a record snow fall for that month. The snowfalls were as follows, 15", 24" , ICE, 13" Ice and some other misc storms. My house has a hip roof with many peaks/ valleys. there are a lot of ridges where snow accumulates. It is 10 years old, and from what my neighbors say they never heard the previous owners talk about leaks in the house before.


In short my house was leaking in my foyer, guest bedroom, bathroom and my other bedroom. From what I notice there is ice on the Fascia and icicles on the soffit vents. I believe from the soffit it is going into my walls and into my house. I looked in my attic (which has r40-r50 insulation) there were no water on the wood when the leaks happened. I pushed out the soffit vent and the leak stopped. Later when we got another foot of snow, I did see the wood on the roof in the attic leak. It does not do that anymore after I cleared the snow and ice off.


the front section of a peak

A closeup photo showing that the drip edge doesn't connect to the gutter.

another closeup- I was able to lift the edge a little. I hope the tar paper stuck to the shingles

water leaking from the gutter and the fascia board

Another section of roof with the drip edge not connected for the gutter. The fascia board is exposed and shows some rotting.

Same section, but the fasica is rotting, and is looks like the drip edge is away from the fascia- maybe enough so that ice dams can push up and maybe go into the soffit.

One peck where the edge cap is being lifted off - this is where my leaky foyer is.

another shot of it farther back connected to the main roof. That really concerns me.

This is a corner with badly rotted fascia. The corners on the gutters are leaking.

What I think the solution might be

For the last 4 days I have been leak free since I cleared my roof from most the snow. I believe my problem is the drip edge does not go into the gutter. I don't think that is everything. Do I need runners? My gutters leak on the corners, how do I re seal them? Is my fascia too far rotted or can I repaint it. Please let me know what you would do in my situation.

Thank you for reading and hopefully I find a solution for this.


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Pic #1-Appears that no drip edge was used on the rakes and without the drip edge the rakes appear to have inadequate overhang.

Pic #2-Confirms that no drip edge was used on the rakeline and without the drip edge the overhang is inadequate.The gutters seem to be low and a thicker drip edge/apron type could have been used.

Pic #3- Confirms again that no drip edge was used on the rakeline.It also confirms inadequate overhang of the shingles past the rakeline when drip edge isn't used.

Pic #4-Clearly shows that the issue with the gutters being low or the need for thicker drip edge/apron type.Or it could simply be a large amount of ice/snow and melt off.

Pic #5-Appears to be no drip edge along wth an inadequate overhang.That might be allowing ice/water/snow to travel behind the gutters.

Pic #6-Shows the gutters low and a thicker drip edge/apron type maybe needed.

Pic#9-Shows the result of your joint seam coming apart from your gutters and an area of fascia showing water damage.

The rakes/gutters having no drip edge isn't the problem.The problem is not enough overhang of your shingles when drip edge is not used.When not enough overhang combined with no drip edge use.The result is water/snow/ice traveling behind the gutters onto the fascia and in some cases down interior walls and doors and windows when no eaves are present.The right fix would be to install proper drip edge/apron type/L flashing or repair the rakelines and add some overhang.Replace the gutters and have some fascia wrap installed.Also check your insulation and make sure you have adequate ventilation.This is my opinion.


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