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Alto 06-20-2010 10:15 AM

Warranty info and ventillation
It seems that I don't need to install a ridge vent. The old passive boxes --I have two or three of them with pretty large soffit vents-- seem to do the job; It is 85 degrees here this morning, feels like 94 outside, and it is quite tolerable to be in the attic. The old roof with two layers is 40 years old, so I guess the lack of a ridge vent has not hurt the life of the roof... I am going to use an OC Duration shingle and in the instructions it speaks specifically of installation of the ridge vent. so if i do not install a ridge vent will that invalidate my warranty?

This is in contrast with the instructions for valleys where they talk about using their weatherblock system or some other insulation. I am going to use a piece of membrane covered with a laminate or metalized paper covered by the shingle. The instructions leave open the possibility for this. The instructions do not say you must use a ridge vent but seem to assume it. Is it necessary to put in the ridge vent?

Slyfox 06-20-2010 02:43 PM

Ridge vent is arguably the best method for roofing ventilation, but it is not the only method that provides proper ventilation.

If your using a manufacturer certified roofing contractor and paying for one of the extended manufacturer warranties than the ridge vent may very well be a must, ask your roofer.

Shingles have changed a lot in 40 years, the average shingle sold 40 years ago was equal in quality to the life time shingles of today, thus ventilation plays a much more important part in the life span of shingles today.

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