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Vast overpricing of metal roofs ?

I've gotten some pricing on metal standing seam and asphalt shingle also to replace a 2,100 sf roof, 2/12 slope, only one ridge down a symetrical center, house is T-shaped with no valleys or dormers or other changes in plane.

I just got a quote from a local roofer for 20 thousand for standing seam concealed fastener, and an alternate of 8 thousand for 30 year timberline. I've just about decided that me and a couple of helpers can do the job with pricing like that.

Question is, does anybody manufacture, for DIY installation, a reasonably priced material? All that I've googled seem to be way overpriced just for the raw (cut to length) material. There will only be two different lengths required for the whole roof. Very simple configuration wise. Any tips anybody ?

Thanks in advance.


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Contact Paul, who goes by the User Name of Pgriz on, but DIY'ers are not allowed to post on that contractor only forum, but you still can search his post.

He manufactures several styles of metal roofing systems and although his company also installs them, they are sold as DIY kits with very detailed instructions and he can help out verbally too.

I will paste one of his posts after my signature, which has links to his web site. Everyone I have ever spoken to regarding Pauls systems and the DIY kits have been extremely pleased.



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We install metal roofs, all kinds. 80% of the quality of the roof comes from its installation. So making sure you have a good installer to put it on is more important than choosing a good salesman. A well-installed metal roof means you've invested in your home. A permanent metal roof appreciates at the same rate as your house does. As for the warranty, the best warranty is the one you never have to look up. Again, quality of installation has a huge role to play in that.
Pretty much all of my customers (who buy metal roofs) are looking at:
  1. Appearance
  2. Durability
  3. Value
  4. No-maintenance
(more or less in that order).


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I have done a few hundred metal roofs as well...and what you describe could be done with a classic profile panel, as long as the seams are sealed with butyl tape. A steel building manufacturer in your area would be able to sell you all the components. Now this is an exposed fastener type, but looks nice.
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To Ed,

Pgriz sells the metal shingles systems which will NOT work on 2/12 pitch - the require a MINIMUM of 3/12, but it is safer to install them on 4/12 and above.
Also they are in Canada which is way too far from Texas to have reasonable shipping.

To Texaspoorboy

go to Metal Roofing Directory and there you'll find some Metal roofing contractors and manufacturers in your area, from whom you'll be able to get material or installation. One that comes to mind in Texas is the company with "Arch-Zilla" - a truck with platform that has hydrolics to lift the platform to the roof level, and the roll material right onto your roof.

Note of coution, 2/12 is also very low for most architectural standing seam roofs, so be very thorogh doing the ridge termination. If you do ridge vent than go with a single-piece ridge cap with concealed and perfarated ridge vent. Avoid the Z-bar ridge detail as it is a sure way to have leaks on such a low pitch. Also I recommend using GAF Deck-Armor underlayment, and not haveing ridgevent at all. You can install gable vents with fans for exhaust and soffit vets for intake. This way your attice will be vented, your deck will be vented (by Deck Armor - it is a breathable synthetic underlayment) and the roof will be water-tight.
Good luck.
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To Texaspoorboy

A side note on the "overpriced metal roof" - You see, metal roofing material by itself cost a lot more than shingles. We install mostly aluminum roofs, therefore material turns out to be even more expensive vs. steel. I can go up to $5+ per foot in some instances - eg when you have a very cut-up roof. Of course you have a simple house, but still it is expensive.

On top of material costs you have professional installation. Roofer have to make a living, and pro metal roofers are not as common as shinglers, thus they need to be paid accordingly. If your roofer does not understand how metal roofs work, you are sure to have leaks!

Besides professional labor, roofing companies have "overhead" which is not 10% that is commonly thought. Workers Compensation Ins. is $40 or more, per $100 of payroll (40%). Add Liability that may be a fixed sum per year or also a percentage of payroll. I heard some roofers have a 17% of payroll.
Other misc. expenses such as gas, advertisement, office, etc.

And the rest is as i think Ed referred to "cost of living". So there is your seemingly "high" price.

Also, if the roofing company does not make profit, they will go out of business soon, thus there will be no one to uphold the warranty, since most manufacturers only cover material defects. Roof is not just shingles or panels or sheets - it is package, that protects your perhaps most valuable investment - your home. And I do not think you want some hacks doing it.

I hope these will clarify the assumption that roofs - especially metal roofs - are TOO expensive.

Good luck.
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$5.00 a ft. seems awful cheap to me. Anyway, as has been said, metal roofers cost more. But, you're probably getting a lifetime, and then some, roof. Last one you'll need if it's done right.


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