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Toymit 01-30-2009 01:24 AM

Un-painted galvanized roof preparation
Hi there,apologies if this topic has been discussed before as this is my first post, so here goes.... Im looking at painting my roof,it has never been painted before although it is fairly old.There are spots of rust here and there but not alot and by the looks of things,its only surface rust.Now Im wanting to know whats the correct procedure to prep the roof for painting.So far these are the things we have bought: Blackguard(this is a rust converter product) , 30secs Outdoor Cleaner(this is a concentrate bleech-like product which contains 50g/L of Sodium Hypochlorite) , British Paints Steelite roof paint (this is a self primer top coat paint which says on the bucket that I dont need to prime my roof,even if it hasnt been painted before??)......Now,how would one go about preparing the roof for paint and would it be a good idea to buy an actual galvanized primer before applying top coat,even though the top coat is self priming? .....Ive read somewhere that the white substance you see on galvanized roofing will help adhere the paint to it so its not advisable to clean it off,so they suggested to spray rust converter on rust and then paint straight over it Huh .There is also some black silicon on the roof which was put up there to seal a leak,I hope this is paintable...

Slyfox 01-30-2009 08:27 AM

Your first step should be to make sure any type of repairs/maintenance needed is done now because the coating will not correct issues such as loose fasteners or flashing's.
"check all fasteners/flashing's on all penetrations, walls and exterior edges"

I have coated thousands of square's of metal roofs with out any primer other than what comes with the coating product, so following the manufacturers spec's should be safe.

Any type of caulking or roof cements used in repairs on the roof can be coated so long as it's dry when you coat it.

Speaking of dry, notice the manufacturers spec's not only state the surface must be clean and dry when you apply the coating,
it also has a time frame in which the curing process will occur after the coating is applied, so do not apply the coating on a day where there is a high risk of rain the next day or two.

Remember to not paint your self into a corner,
start painting at the furthest point away from your ladder and work toward the ladder.
Every step you take is important to not step in the wet paint/coating.
Safety equipment such as scaffolding and body harnesses can be rented in most areas, ask around about it.

Toymit 01-30-2009 03:59 PM

Thanks for reply,

Im not sure whether I should clean the entire roof first or apply the rust converter then clean the roof.I forgot to add the top coat is a water based (gloss finish)paint and a warning on the rust converter label says the rust converter may bleed through some water-based paints.

As for fasteners and such,Ive replaced some of the rusty nails and from my POV,everything seems fastened down.

Heres the products Ive bought anyway...

Paint (British paints Steelite roof paint)

Rust Converter (Blackguard)

Cleaner (30sec outdoor cleaner)

Tom Struble 01-30-2009 04:07 PM

theres a phone number on the british paint website i would call them and ask

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