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sellingitall 09-12-2008 07:18 PM

Tired of patching my flat garage roof, I want to reroof it. Metal????
We have a older cement block 2 stall garage. It has a flat roof, with a hole in one corner for drainage whick only works when the lake in the middle reaches that far. There is a lip about 2" all the way around the roof. The roof does overhang the actual garage, by about a foot all the way around. The roof leaks terrible, there are so many layers of black tar, and whatever else up there. It is really hard to tell where the real leaks are because the water runs between the layers of paper, tar & I don't know what. I live in Iowa, hello snow lots of it, flat roof with a lip, I was confused.
Anyway, I need a new roof, I want to get rid of the flat roof, I think I want to make it a metal roof. A buddy mentioned, taking one of the metal, not flat, carport style sheds. And adapting it's for a roof. Now before everyone starts laughing, and jumping to write me back on this. I already did that to him. I do want to say that, I am not actually going to use one of those carport sheds you see in the parking lots, but it did get me thinking - could make or adapt a garage kit roof to work. I know I have to check building codes, etc. and use quality materials and of course not just have all my buddies and a case of b..r. I have to do it right, we get tornadoes too, I don't want the roof in the next county. But is the idea that far off from actually working? I don't know sometimes when you quit laughing about the crazy ideas, you think about something that will work that is actually not far off, so when you are done laughing, write me back with your ideas. Thanks

OldNBroken 09-12-2008 07:47 PM

No reason to laugh at you. It's a reasonable and quite common idea to pitch a flat roof.

No need to try to think of some rube goldberg way though. Since no matter what you do you are going to have to remove all of the old roof you have a few good options.

1. Once the old roof is torn off, do all necessary repairs and reroof the flat deck with a quality system. Making sure that it is properly tapered and sloped for proper drainage will be critical yet simple at that point. Doesn't matter the snowload in your area, flat roofs are still good roofs, I would assume yours is just shot.

2. Call your local truss company and just order trusses to retrofit over the bldg once the roof has been demo'd. I can't give you exact details on what you need to do because I'm not there to look at your bldg. It's not a difficult job at all by trade standards but more than likely will cost you more time and money than just repairing the structure and installing a proper flat roof system.

Ed the Roofer 09-12-2008 08:51 PM

You probably also have a lot of rotted decking under that flat roof, from the description of the sumped areas.

That needs to be addressed and not just covered over.


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