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Stormy873 10-08-2006 09:22 PM

Tips on How to find a roofer in Oregon
This is my first post to this board and I am really interested in getting in-put on how I might go about locating a roofer to do a tear down and re-roof.

I don't know wheter I have fallen into some Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole or what but I have tried and tried to get a roofing contractor who might be able to get to my job before he is scraping snow off my roof to do it and I have had no luck.

We did something really stupid by trying to be responsible and didn't KNOW that we needed to secure a roofing contractor very early in the year. Instead we worked, dilgently saved and made sure we had the money to do the job and THEN started calling contractors in July. They laughed.

I am just at wits end and really want to find someone who is qualified to do this job. I have had so many fly by night "aw we don't need no insurance, license or bond" types that I am pulling my hair out.

I have advertised for a roofer and the only calls I get are from other hapless Oregon homeowners looking for the same thing and begging me to pass along names of people they might call. Heck, I could start a business just finding people roofers if I could only find mylsef some in the first place.

So, any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am already offering a completion bonus and that has done no good. Will be posting more dealing with wildly varied bids, etc.

Ron The Plumber 10-08-2006 10:13 PM


I know your just E of Salem, have you tried roofing contractors out of Salem?

747 10-08-2006 10:26 PM

Have you tried word of mouth. LIke going to local coffee shop and asking the oldtimers there. Key being the oldtimers they know everything about the town.

KCnorthernCA 10-09-2006 01:02 AM

Drive around your neighborhood. If you notice any new roofs, or better yet actually know of which homes got new roofs this year, or even better, actually SEEING roofers working on a house, get their referral.

Most will be the local pros who can also do your roof. Don't worry about those laughing at you. They just want to double their profits. That's how they do business. Some are even just that way by nature. :whistling2:

AaronB 10-09-2006 07:39 AM


Originally Posted by KCnorthernCA (Post 20356)
Don't worry about those laughing at you. They just want to double their profits. That's how they do business. Some are even just that way by nature. :whistling2:

Can you explain this please?

Some of us are booked until February '07 if it doesnt snow or freeze. If it does, we might be looking at April or May.

I am 100% absolutely positive that you can find someone to work on your roof, but I cant guarantee they will do a proper job or carry all the proper insurances.

joasis 10-09-2006 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by KCnorthernCA (Post 20356)
Don't worry about those laughing at you. They just want to double their profits. That's how they do business. Some are even just that way by nature. :whistling2:

While laughing at a prospective customer would be dumber then dirt, the idea that we are only manipulating the market is dumber yet. Like Aaron, I am booked up months in advance...matter of fact, June is about where my schedule is currently. Ron probably gave you the best a roofing company from out of town and prepare to pay travel expenses. Good luck.

Stormy873 10-09-2006 09:39 AM

RE: finding a roofer in Oregon
Apparently, this is the year that everyone wants a roof in Oregon as the one post mentioned, many companies are booked to the end of the year and beyond.

I am really struggling to find someone and am dealing with WILDY varying bids and timeframes so I appreciate all advice and assistance.

Maybe some kindly roofer could help me out and tell me if I am on the right track. I have been using the online "Get a" system to get baseline set of costs for the job and then punched in current material costs, etc. Based on my generous figuring this roof ought to bid out at about $2400-$2800...It is a tiny plain roof.

Here's the deal I have a 28 x 43 foot home with NO dormers, a single skylight, two stacks and 8 roof vents. Underlying repairs estimated by all at 1-2 sheets which are not included in bids and have been priced at about $45 per sheet labor and materials. (the exception of the $4600 Home Depot roofing bid which priced sheet replacement at $72 sheet labor/mat) I have four bids (only one who can take on the job in the next 45 days tho') and they have bid as follows:

$2600 (Elk raised profile)
$3800 (Elk raised profile)
$4600 (Gaf 30 arch. whose name escapes me)
$5100 (Standing seam) nailed :( not screwed)

The $3800 bid is from a local guy with a contractors license, kinda the good ol'boy who does a lot of the local roofs. Not a pot to pee out of, kinda "work ya in before Elk season"- sorta laid back if you know what I mean... His bid is high and he will only will offer the warrenty required by law in Oregon- one year. However, he is a "live one" so to speak. He prefers to do standing seam but his application methods are not to spec.

I guess my biggest current issue is that when/if I find a contractor to bid this job just how much do I have to know about the finer points of roofing? I don't want to run these guys off but on the other hand, I have had three contractors who "phone bid" the job and they did not apply the material to spec. In each case, they stapled rather than nailed and that specifically nullified any material warrenty of the product they were quoting on.

I already know WAY more about roofing that I ever wanted to and I am just trying to figure out how in the heck to find someone who I don't have to quiz about every last detail of the project...Standing seam bid is a perfect example. Bid neglects to state he planned to nail rather than screw every 10 inches (spec for OSB) and those finer points usually aren't outlined in a contract... How as a consumer, should I approach this process? I don't want or need to spend my time following a contractor around making sure he does the right thing. Just how specific do I have to make a contract in order to get the roof applied corretly?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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