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lowlysubaruguy 09-24-2008 11:30 PM

thermostat and humidity controls for electric attic fans
I am completing a 3300 square foot shop and am using two electric gable end fans. The shop is split into two sections and one fan will be in each section. ( wasnt my choice but I am stuck with it)

My problem is this I have two heavy duty 220 volt gable fans that i got for very cheap that are new, quite,efficient and move enough air to solve all the venting needs I should encounter but I am not finding thermostat or humidity sensors capable of handling their electrical load.

The fan motors are 1/3 hp, start up amperage could hit 8 amps and probably stabilize at about 3 to 4 amps per motor. I want to vent this via temp and humidity and would be happy if I could find something to do either side and just wire it up via both switches but I would really like to find one combo unit.

One other option is to just run the fans on a timer and guess a little about how long and what times during the seasons to run the fan but I would really like to find a solution. I could install a temp gauge and humidity sensor and probably figure this out a little more accurate than just turning them on and off but I have to think with all the large buildings out there theres got to be 220 volt switches available for my needs. The shop i have now suffers from improper ventilation and its exceeds draft style venting codes and they are free and clear. And I am going to do what ever i can to cure this in my new shop.

Any one have any thoughts


johnk 09-24-2008 11:50 PM

Check at a hydroponic shop,they carry stuff like that.Mmmm...I think:whistling2:

Ed the Roofer 09-25-2008 07:32 AM

Have you stopped at an electrical supply house for contractors to ask them?

Ask for a referral from the supply house too.


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