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davisr197 12-05-2011 07:07 PM

Tar and Gravel Repair
I have a question regarding my Tar and Gravel roof. I need to make a couple or repair spots on the roof but one of the spots is quite large, roughly 5x8 ft or so. There are so many cracks and blisters in this one area, so I was wondering if I could go about getting some rolled asphalt comp, cutting it to encompass the entire area, apply roofing cement and lay down the comp over the existing roofing.

Is this even possible? How do I go about doing this if it is possible? If this doesn't make sense or is not possible what other options do I have to repair this area on a large scale?

OldNBroken 12-05-2011 07:23 PM

Ummm, No! Absolutely Not!

If you are going to attempt any type of patch, look at a GAF Matrix or similar cold-process asphalt.

Scrape and clean as much loose gravel and debris as possible, roll or squeegee adhesive and set capsheet. 3-course perimeter with mastic and webbing.

Rolled roofing and mastic is not a fix for anything.

Roofster 12-08-2011 08:18 AM

Scrape it down removing stone, sweep it clean, apply cold apply mastic, apply mesh, apply another layer of cold apply

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