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Synthetic Underlayment Blues

I'm having the roof on my house replaced and wanted to use synthetic underlayment instead of felt. My roofer said he could get Sharkskin for me but it would be $500 more due to it taking more time to install. I didn't understand because it is easier to handle than felt and it installs with roofing nails (not plastic cap nails). I thought the material might be a little more but he's making it sound like the labor is what really drives up the price. He's obviously not familiar with it so he might be padding the estimate either just because the product is new to him and he thinks it might take more time to become familiar with it or maybe just to influence me not to use it since it's a hassle for him to try a new product. I got probably eight bids on my roof and none included synthetic underlayment as an option at all so I'd imagine I'd have similar experiences trying to get anyone to use it. It was disappointing but I'm going to settle for the standard 30# felt the roofer uses since $500 is just too much to add for the Sharkskin. Does anyone have any experience asking a roofer to switch to a synthetic underlayment? I'm curious if my guy was pulling a quote out of his ass that isn't based on anything concrete other than him not wanting to have to use that product.

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Synthetic Underlayment Blues

My guess is that since it would be new to his crew it would add some training and communication time and even some deployment time because he probably has established process for getting standard materials like felt to the job site. And since he has never used it then it would be wise for him to anticipate unexpected issues so he needs to price in these risks.

Since your having it done I don't think the sharkskin offers any advantage over the felt so no point paying extra for it. If you were doing it yourself and worried you won't get the felt covered in one day then maybe the sharkskin would be worthwhile as it might be less prone to wrinkle if it gets wet and might hold up to wind better.

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Synthetic Underlayment Blues

$500 is not unreasonable at all for the upgrade.
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Synthetic Underlayment Blues

Thanks for the opinions. I think the consensus is it's just an all around fudge factor and not really based on specific time or material calculations. I know initially the roofer said the bid was $500 because it takes longer to install because he would have to use plastic cap nails. Then when I pointed out Sharkskin installs with roofing nails it didn't seem to change anything. He dug in and said it's still $500, take it or leave it. Is there any possible reason the installation of synthetic underlayment would take longer than felt? From what I can see, the installation instructions for Sharkskin are on one page and it's very simple. You roll it out, overlapping by this much on the sides and ends, then nail it every so many inches. I can't imagine it being any easier. I could see if you had to manually hammer in all the fasteners it taking longer, but I don't think you do. I agree it's not worth paying $500 extra but my question is, why would I be charged $500 extra in the first place? It seems like more of a penalty for making the roofer step out of his comfort zone and try a new product.
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Synthetic Underlayment Blues

Haven't heard of Sharkskin, but I've used something called Titanium underlayment. Likely just a different brand of the same thing. It is more expensive than felt but no harder to install. And as an added bonus, it's much easier to walk on as long as it's not wet.
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