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KarlJay 09-30-2010 02:13 AM

supporting ceiling while reworking roof
My house is a 1937 concrete block with all hip roof. The front of the house has 8' ceilings and it 1 block taller walls than the rear of the house.

I'm almost finished with the rework of one side of the house and it's being made to match the front of the house. I'm almost done tearing off the roof of the back side of the house, shingles, boards, everything.

In a few days I'm adding 1 course of blocks to the rear of the house. The problem is that the top of the walls support the ceiling: 2x4 and 4x6 cross beams with ceiling nailed to it. I'll have to cut these supports as I'm not ready to raise the entire ceiling yet.
The plan I've come up with is to use 4x4's along the inside walls where the support would be cut, and 3 2x4's under it about every 5 feet. After the roof is complete (about 2~3 weeks), I'll have the inside walls done and I'll tear down the ceiling, install new sheetrock.

Question: the length of wall to be cut and raised is about 20' on the west side and 17 on the south side. Would 3 4x4's with 18 2x4's (grouped in 3's, 5 feet apart) hold up?

The only other option is to build the load bearing interior wall before I raise the roof.

KarlJay 09-30-2010 10:47 PM

Update: It looks like all the support for the rear of the house ceiling is on one wall only. It alternates 2x4, 2x6 across about 20 feet.
I've started removing everything from the ceiling (storage items, loose fill insulation...) I should be able to move the ceiling once I have the new blocks in place.

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