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echase 03-16-2010 03:32 PM

Soffit Vent Installation & Balanced Ventilation?
GAF is very clear that ridge vent space should be less than or equal to that of soffit vents. On my home that means I need many more vents.

My trouble is that the current louvered soffit vents are installed every eight feet, in the center of soffit sections made from plywood siding. (Rough cut material that goes well with my unpainted cedar house) This means the best look would be achieved by placing the additional vents between the existing vents, where the soffit panels are butted together.

Would installing metal louvre vents straddling these joints be a problem? (Even with the space lost due to the rafter location in the middle of the vent I will still have enough ventilation... I was wondering if there were other issues)

BamBamm5144 03-16-2010 04:47 PM

Have you considered closing those vents and installing a ridgevent instead?

echase 03-16-2010 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by BamBamm5144 (Post 415530)
Have you considered closing those vents and installing a ridgevent instead?

Are you seriously suggesting I close my soffit vents and install a ridge vent instead? Even I know that would be a plan for blistered shingles.

To clarify: When installing a ridge vent you must have soffit intake vents of equal or greater area to the ridge vent. I will be installing a ridge vent across the entire ridge of my home, which means I need to double the amount of soffit vents to balance intake and exhaust.

My apologies if I was unclear.

BamBamm5144 03-16-2010 05:04 PM

Wow you know what, I entirely misread that. My apologizes.

First check into the type of ridgevent you will be using. Each ridge vent exahusts different amounts but yes, they should nearly be equal in terms of intake and exhaust.

Installing the metal louvre vents over a joists should not cause a problem.

jlhaslip 03-16-2010 10:51 PM

Code here is the venting should be 1/3rd in the top third of the roof.
Adding soffit venting is a good idea. Can't have too much.

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