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Soffet sag and plugged vents (newbie here)

Hi everyone.
This is the second time I have come here seeking advice. The first time was about some garage insulation and the advice was followed.

Anyhow.. This last rain, I noticed my gutters dripping in places they shouldnt be.
Upon inspecting, I found that my facia board is sagging and the soffit board is also sagging. This caused the drip strip to let water behind the gutter and caused the dripping.
After trying to figure out why all the sagging, I noticed that all of the vents in the soffit board have been covered by the previous owner who put a piece of drywall over the holes to stop air flow. (I just moved in a year ago) At first, I thought it was just the one vent but then I noticed all of them are like that.

My attic has 2 layers of insulation. The first is normal paper backed fiberglass and the second is a layer of blown in stuff. (looks like chopped up paper I guess) Cellulose?
Anyhow.. the air flow from the vents has been completely blocked by both the drywall pieces covering the holes, and the fact that the insulation up there is plugging the area between the roof trusses.
Is this supposed to be like that?

My home is 1400 square feet rectangle, brick and single story. I have 6 vents at the peak of my roof line and my home has a 24 inch ceiling exhaust fan with a timer control.

Are those vents supposed to be plugged? Should I allow air flow like most other homes or is there a purpose behind this.


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no the vents should not be blocked


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Hi. Here is some good reading for you:


Be safe, GBR
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No, the vents are supposed to be kept clear for the Intake Ventilation to flow through and upwards to the Exhaust Ventilation System in place.

You will need to remove the drywall that is blocking the vents and rake the blown in insulation back away from blocking the small space between the soffit and the roof decking.

Also, you should install insulation baffle vent chutes to allow for the air flowage to bypass over the top of the insulation along the lower recesses of the roof, wherever the soffit vents are located.

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Thanks !!

I have confirmed that all my soffet vents are blocked with drywall and that the extra insulation the previous homeowner installed is blocking the air flow area between the rafters where they meet the wall.

I went to my local home depot and purchased these plastic things that are made to fit between my rafters and leave a 1.5 inch gap all the way across for air to flow. It looks like all I have to do is to shove them in there and staple them or something so they don't move.

I am removing all the soffet wood because its somewhat rotted and/or sagging in places and I am rebuilding the entire thing for the length of the home.

Thanks for the advice!!
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