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djohnson 09-07-2007 06:08 PM

cutting skylights?

Ed the Roofer 09-07-2007 06:59 PM

Good for you!

And your point is................................................ ..............................?


Ron6519 09-07-2007 10:46 PM

Come on Ed, isn't it obvious? Skylights! And cutting!
Is the hole in the roof or are you going in a different direction?

the roofing god 09-10-2007 08:46 PM

there`s just way too many details here:eek: :laughing: :laughing:

Ed the Roofer 09-10-2007 09:01 PM

I guess he really did not want any help. Otherwise he would have asked a further question.

Did I intimidate him that bad?


the roofing god 09-10-2007 09:40 PM

Big Bully!:whistling2:

Ed the Roofer 09-10-2007 10:09 PM

Where is the "Whipping" Smiley when you need one?


the roofing god 09-10-2007 11:29 PM

I was looking for the one on a HARLEY!:laughing:

Ed the Roofer 09-10-2007 11:31 PM

I'e got 3 Harleys and 1 yamaha Virago 1100 for my wife.

Now I need a Harley smiley.


the roofing god 09-10-2007 11:33 PM

I know these things already:wink:

Ed the Roofer 09-10-2007 11:36 PM


the roofing god 09-10-2007 11:44 PM I got one of those too!!--now go to bed young man!:laughing:

Ed the Roofer 09-10-2007 11:44 PM

Here I got one for you too.



the roofing god 09-10-2007 11:47 PM

Don`t make me run you over w/my 3/4 ton chevy! :yes: :laughing:

the roofing god 09-11-2007 12:03 AM[1].jpg

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