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henry2082 12-29-2008 11:20 PM

Shingles Flying off roof
Hi There,
We have been having several days of high winds, mixed with a 20 year old roof, we have had close to 100 shingles breaking andflying off. From what I can see, there arnt any bare spots on the roof, it seems that they are just snaping off from the exposed parts? What should we do? Can we wait till summer to get it fixed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you so much

Ed the Roofer 12-29-2008 11:29 PM

Where do you live?

Do you get a lot of snow remaining on the roof for extended periods of time with a slow melting process?

Every one of the exposed nails "Could Be" a potential leak source, with the severity depending on how tight and flush the nail heads are to the remaining upper portion of the shingle that is now exposed.

Monitor your attic after the next snow and freeze thaw or rain event and see if there are any signs of moisture migrating through the decking and then dropping down onto the attic floor or insulation.

Wet insulation loses it's R-Value.

Continually wet roof sheathing looses iot;s structural integrity.

Wet ceiling drywall can get stained or fall apart from continuing moisture.

Potential mold growth can occur if the attic is warm and does not have an adequate air ventilation flowage.

So, it depends on your conditions and how much risk you would like to take.

By the way, a wind incident is an insurable event per your home owners insurance coverage policy.


henry2082 12-29-2008 11:35 PM

Hi there Ed,
Thank you so much for your reply, I had no idea i could use my insurance company thats great.
I live in the Greater Toronto Area, Specifically Pickering. I wouldnt say we get alot of snow remaining on our roof, its a dark roof, so one half day of sun and its all melted. I havent checked the attic I will do that tomorrow AM, and I will contact my insurance company. I guess my concern is should we spot fix it now, or wait till summer and do the whole roof. I assume it would be more expensive to fix now, especially since its so cold?
Anyway thank you for your reply

Ed the Roofer 12-30-2008 12:36 AM

Insurance Company Contracts require that you "Mitigate" the damages as soon as they are discovered and feasible to do so.

That could be an emergency tarping job, secured with boards at the perimeters of the tarps and the fee for this reqired emergency service would also be a coverable event per most insurance policies.

Take plenty of Dated Photos, prior to covering up the roof, especially if you do not intend on doing the remediation repair work and replace the roof in the near future, so that there is not dispute as to the occurence.

Also, keep notes and record the date and time of the wind storm event.

Get the printout from your National Weather Service for that date for back-up proof to validate the claim.


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