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jobondur 10-04-2010 09:38 AM

Shed Roof Questions
I have a couple of questions regarding a shed roof I am in the middle of repairing. I'm repairing it because whoever installed it originally didn't do a good job with the shingles/tar paper and this led to 3 sections of the roof rotting through and leaking. I have taken off the shingles and tar paper, removed all the roofing nails I could, and replaced the damaged plywood. After I did that, I checked the weather report and trusted what they said and finished out the day by watching some college football without putting tar paper on the roof. Well it rained the next day and the roof got pretty wet. I put a tarp over it when I woke up and realized it was raining but the plywood did get pretty wet. My questions are:
  1. Do I need to let the plywood dry out before I put the tar paper and shingles on?
  2. How do the combination of drip edge and tar paper get put on? I assume I install the drip edge all the way around and then put the tar paper on and seal it to the top of the drip edge with roofing asphalt? Should I overhang the drip edge with the tar paper at all?
  3. Please recommend an overhang for the shingles. How far do you recommend overhanging the shingles over the drip edge? On bottom edge/side edge? Not looking for anything fancy, just standard overhang recommendation.
Thanks for your help.

Slyfox 10-04-2010 10:52 AM

Letting it dry out would be good, but shingle roofs do allow air filtration 'breathable' thus it would dry out after wards as well.

Install the drip edge on the eaves.
Install your felt paper, run it a little up from the edge of the eave drip,
maybe a quarter too half inch or so.
Install your gable end drip edge.
Overhang of shingles on average is one half inch, for both the eave and rakes.
As far as using roof cement on the nailer portion of the drip edge,
I have only seen that done in Florida locations, so you might want to ask someone local, like an employee at the store or lumber yard where you purchased the materials.

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