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bandit55 05-18-2009 08:08 AM

Roofing over old felt!!
A roofer after he gave me a estimate, I hire to put on my roof...He took off old roof but said the felt is good and need not have to install new felt..He also said everything else like valleys ect ect is good and need not be install...He did install new vents..He but all the new material back in his truck and I gather he took it back and got his money back..My concerns is if the old felt is good was this ok to do I had timberline 30 year shingles put on roof..I am a old woman and very use to getting the shaft when dealing with contractors...I had siding and windows put in and yes I got shafted but I am so use to it...I just concern about my roof was this ok and yes I never got a refund on the material he he pocket that on top of his cost he told me...when I ask about the stuff he did not use the same thing I hear over and over, will we use a extra man to get this on faster or was more then we thought it would cost...I am tire of fighting with it over the years I just give in now....But I like to get good news that felt not that important and my roof will be good....

Dale Chomechko 05-18-2009 11:53 AM

This is not good practice to leave old felt on the roof.
First of all how much was damaged when the old roof was taken off.
2nd its all full of nail holes,at very least he should have felted over it.
3rd valley flashing would have to be full of nail holes as well & probablty will not last the life of a new roof
4th he has billed you for something he did not provide.
You have been shafted & could probably take him to court over this to have the roof replaced.
Does he have a business licence. WCB or insurance?
Have you paid him in full already?
If this was a truck & ladder guy & you paid him cash or has nothing for assets, you may just be stuck with this roof.
Always check out your contractor and ask him to provide a business licence number, WCB number and insurance.
Dale Chomechko
DC Roofing Inc
DC Roofing Inc

VaViaCo 05-20-2009 11:16 AM

There's no way to remove a roof and have an intact felt layer left beneath.
And even if there was, it would be 20 yrs older than it should be.
Is there a friend or family member who could help you pursue this "roofer"?
If not there should be some sort of consumer advocacy group in your area.

You get a complete refund.

Gary in WA 05-20-2009 12:53 PM

Contact the senior center where you live. Get some help. You lost the warranty on the roofing material because of the used paper. Pursue legal help. Be safe, G

Ed the Roofer 05-20-2009 10:47 PM

First, what does the written contract say that you both agreed to?

Next, if he was supposed to remove and replace the felt paper, he should have.

Contact your local Attorney Generals Office to get the quickest response back from the guy if he does not return phone calls or if you can even find him.

Finally, it IS imortant, so that the uderneath wood decking could have been inspected and repaired if necessary.

My concern is, that if this person would stoop so low to not conform to the most basic of tasks, what else did they omit from the work that you do not know about?

What City and State are you from?

If you want, leave the contractors name here to or send a Private Message with his contact information to me.


bandit55 05-22-2009 11:06 AM

Solid Rock Services
23624 West 59th Street
Shawnee, KS 66226

Owner - Urban Prescott Phone # 913-422-0888

It states on contract quote: Tear off old roof
install felt- did not do
install metal edge- did not do
install plumbling boots- dont know what this is
install six vents - he did this
install timberline 30yr roofing
install ridge cap- dont know if he did this
he did not install new valleys

I updated my acc so you can get my email

ratherbefishin' 05-23-2009 08:59 AM

Yes, you've been ripped off!:( As Ed already said, contact your state Attorney General's office, but also call your local District Attorney's office and file a complaint.

We had more than our share of vultures like him descend on the coast after Katrina. The ones who have been caught are currently enjoying long vacations as guests of the state, and fines and restitution will make sure they can't afford the tools to get back into their scam businesses for a long time, if ever. I think they're also barred from ever obtaining any kind of contractor's license in this state.:thumbup:

MJW 05-26-2009 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by VaViaCo (Post 276100)
There's no way to remove a roof and have an intact felt layer left beneath.
And even if there was, it would be 20 yrs older than it should be.
Is there a friend or family member who could help you pursue this "roofer"?
If not there should be some sort of consumer advocacy group in your area.

You get a complete refund.

We never ruin the tar paper. Pull off the shingles, pull nails, then the tar paper rolls up nicely plus cleaning up 90% of the nails.

I'll tell you that 15# paper 20 years ago is MUCH better than 15# paper that is made today.

Why would she get a full refund?

To the OP....if it was in the estimate, it should have been done. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but you should get a refund of what the contractor did not do.

Scuba_Dave 05-26-2009 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by MJW (Post 278667)
Why would she get a full refund?

It's the basic underlayment to the roof
The roof was not installed properly
To fix it means removing the entire roof
Thus making the work done worthless

If a builder built a house & only put it on concrete blocks instead of a concrete foundation would you only seek a refund of the cost of the foundation?


MJW 05-26-2009 03:31 PM

Good luck.

The comparison isn't even close to the same.

Scuba_Dave 05-26-2009 05:14 PM

Actually it is
Any water that gets under the shingles will rot the roof without the basic underlayment in place
The guy did a hack job
Did not install the roof per LEGALLY BINDING agreement

MJW 05-26-2009 07:28 PM

Felt is not a water barrier. It has no effect on the ability of the shingles to keep out the water.

Felt/underlayment/tarpaper is used for only a few things.

1. keep roof mostly dry until roofing is applied
2. to prevent a possibility of shingles sticking to sheathing
3. in the rare event of a blow off shingle it keep most of the water out until it is repaired

The 3rd one isn't really relevant. Most of us here have rarely had a shingle blow off, if ever.

I agree about the contract/estimate, but the tarpaper there or not, new or old, does not effect the ability of the shingles to keep water out. Alot of roofers have done roofs with no paper at all in the past.

It's a bad comparison............

MJW 05-26-2009 07:29 PM

BTW, I wouldn't say "hack job" without pictures. Some people can really dream up some good stories.

Scuba_Dave 05-26-2009 07:42 PM

Wrong, felt is a water barrier
And the agreement was to install it

MJW 05-26-2009 08:18 PM

Well, what would I know.

Have you used any felt lately? Would you trust it as a water barrier on your house with no shingles on it?

I'll let you know that EVERY roof out there with 15# felt on is not water proof without the shingles. It will shed some water, but it is not a water barrier.

That being still would take alot of water and a very long time to rot the wood away. OSB is probably more waterproof than some of the 15# felt they sell nowdays.

I&W, I would consider a water barrier, even with nail holes in it.

I don't think you would get any reputable roofer to leave a house with just 15# felt on it in a rain storm.

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