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annabruen 12-19-2011 10:41 PM

Roofing only half of the house
We recently discovered some serious moisture issues in our attic where bathroom and kitchen vents were not properly attached. So the wooden underneath part of the roof is rotting from the inside out. We also have a leaking skylight, appears to be due to insufficient flashing, and some serious moss growth. All of these are all on one side, the back side, of the roof. The front side is in good condition and has 8-10 years of life left per the inspections we've had, which is in line with how old the previous owners said the roof was when we bought the house in 2007.

We've gotten several repair estimates, around $1500-1700 to replace the rotting wood, fix the skylight, and properly connect the vents that caused the problem in the first place. The estimates to remove the moss are ranging around $900 (which seemed really high to me but I know nothing on this topic). So $2400-2600 total.

One estimator suggested simply re-roofing the entire back half at around $2900 including fixing the skylight and properly connect the vents. He explained the labor entailed in the piece-meal repairs was not much less than doing the whole roof, and the area of shingles that have to be ripped off to get to the 3 different areas of rotting wood was over half of the back half anyway, so we are really only paying for the extra shingles to do the other half.

This all made sense to us in terms of value for the dollars, since we need to replace the whole thing in 8-10 years anyway, why would we sink over $2k in repairs to a roof that has already used up 2/3 of it's life? :huh: So we called back the other guys to get their quotes on doing the whole back half instead of the piece-meal repairs.

They acted like it was crazy talk to re-do half of a roof and instantly started trash talking the other roofing company (I didn't tell them the name of the other company). I honestly felt like the one who suggested it was the most honest and "on our side" out of everyone that came out. He said he wouldn't even bid the repair work only because it's not worth the dollars and he wouldn't want us to waste our money. This company has been in business here since 1976, has an A+ rating with the BBB, and a 30 year workmanship warranty with every roof that is attached to the roof, not the customer, so it transfers to the next owner no matter how many next owners there are. They also hand-nail the shingles and use better quality materials by default, instead of bidding it with the bargain basement stuff and then saying "now, for only $xxx more, we can use this nicer/better _________"

The rest of the companies seemed determined to "make the sale" or all wanted to see everyone else's bids before they would bid, trash talk the other contractors, etc. etc. :furious:

We don't want to make this decision on an emotional basis just because we "liked" the guy that suggested replacing the back half of the roof. Is it crazy talk to re-roof only half of the house at once? Our realtor said he had never heard of that, but he sees no reason why it would cause a problem if we were to try to sell the house.

The house is a one story rambler, 1176 square feet, in Thurston County Washington, if that makes any difference on your opinions.

tinner666 12-20-2011 05:49 AM

1/2 houses are done all the time.

PoleCat 12-20-2011 06:21 AM

I just did half a roof on my own home.

shazapple 12-20-2011 08:36 AM

It is not a problem as long as asthetics aren't an issue (colours might vary by year).

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