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Roofing input

I have had a leaky patio roof for some time now. It is an enclosed patio between two rooms. I have finally decided I need to get it repaired/replaced. It is about 17 years old and I am not sure exactly what the original material(s) are made of, but each year I get up on the roof and put another layer of elastomeric (not sure about the spelling) on.

It has now gotten to the point where the edge of the roof is chipping off and has curled up which is allowing the water to get underneath the roofing material.

I know that it needs to be replaced and that some of the ply wood will now have to be replaced as well.

Today I had three roofers out to give me estimates. Oh by the way, I live in Arizona and as you know it gets really hot here.

The patio roof does not have a huge pitch, sorry I'm not a roofer and I don't know all the language, but my first roofer recommended putting on a 2-ply system with polyglass s/a base and polyglass s/a white granulated cap. From what he tells me it does not take any nails or staples and that it has some type of adhesive which makes it stick. It has 15 yr manf. warranty and they offer 5 year leak repair. Sounds o.k??

My second roofer recommended the foam roofing, which I have never seen before, but seemed like a pretty good product, especially the R factor, and that is really needed here in AZ.

My only concern is the wearability in this heat. They don't offer a manf warranty, just a five year leak warranty, through the company. The coating however is guaranteed for 3 years and after that time, I or they need to put another coat of elastomeric on it. Seeing as I really didn't have alot of luck using this product on my current roof, which seemed to crack, I am just uneasy. Also, does this foam hold up to weight, hail, flying objects, etc.

If anyone has an opinion or suggestion of which type of roofing that would best fit my needs, I am all ears!


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Punctures in the foam, if properly applied initially, can be easily repaired by the technician or even yourself.

Do you get extreme hail in Arizona?

The modified bitumen system is a more well known and more commonly accepted roofing system amongs roofing contractors though, because the foam application is a specialty trade and has significant costs for the machinery required.

The Devil is in the details though.

How does each of the contractors propose to tie in to the existing roofs on the opposing sides and also, how do they specify that they will seal along the perimeter edges where your current flat roof roll roofing material is already lifting up allowing water to migrate into the deck sheathing?

Answer how they will address those area and then we can tell if you found a real roofer or just an applicator who does not know detail work, which is critical.



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myroof response

Thanks Ed for your input.

No we don't get much hail here, but we do get some pretty good wind storms and occassionally micro bursts.

Both roofers have said they will extend the different materials up under the existing shingles of the two side rooms. How do they do that, though as the roof starts going down at an angle. There is, I believe a 7" drop between the side rooms and the patio roof as you get to the end.

As far as what they will do at the end, I'm guessing they will take the roof to the edge, like it was before. Maybe there will be a slight over lap with the shingled material?? Probably the foam will just go to the edge??

What should they be doing to finish off the edge, so that I know what I should be asking or looking for??
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How many gallons per square foot of elastomeric are you applying? True story: We have been doing elastomeric for about 4-5 years now. A neighbor of my parents where I grew up, owns an apartment building. This is the kind of guyt hat does everything himself. He said to me he's been applying elastomeric for years but it's crap and doesn't work. he asked me for a price and I said I wanted to come out and take a look, he didn't want to me come out so I talked him through it and gave him a ball park. He laughed and said he'd been paying $50 a 5 gallon and that 5 gallon covered more than 500 square feet. I told him that's why it's not working and encouraged him to buy a bucket of houshold paint next time because that's all he is accomplishing.

I then went on to tell him that the elastomeric I install is NO LESS than $150 a 5 gallon bucket and I install NO LESS than 3 gallons per 100 square feet in multiple coats plus first power wash and all the necessary patching with elastomeric mastics. He didn't want to hear it and just went on painting his roof, and continues to do so year after year.

I hope this little story helps. Do you have any pictures?
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