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somewhatsketchy 08-09-2010 10:48 PM

Roof Vents for Very Hot Second Floor
I own a home built in 1907. It has a gable roof and there is one section that juts out for the stair case and bathroom that's roof has a less graded slant than the rest of the roof. The rooms on the second floor has part of the ceiling following the roofs slant, which tells me there is limited space between the ceiling and the roof itself. The upstairs is significantly hotter that the rest of the home. Near the pitch, above the master bedroom, there are three slant back roof vents. Recently we put in a turbine above the section that juts out above the stair case. When cutting in we gained access to a large space which gave us high hopes on the ammount of heat the turbine would allow to escape. The turbine has a good spin daily and we could literally see the heat escaping when we cut the hole, but seems to have made little difference. There are also no vents under the overhang. Should I replace on of the three slant back vents with another turbine and or place a ridge vent along the entire roof? What is the best solution? The second floor is where the bedrooms are and this August heat is becoming near unbearable. Thanx for any and all help.

igneous1 08-11-2010 10:54 AM

How much insulation in the attic? Increase if you don't have 1 foot of insulation. I'd go with ridge vents, just because they will go the entire length of the ridge, providing more exhaust area...just make sure you have enough soffit intakes for adequate air movement. I would also install radiant barrier foil along the rafters....
This will keep heat from entering the attic space, keeping insulation and ductwork cooler, which directly relates to better air conditioned spaces. Make sure your filters are clean also, as they are the only way that warm air is removed from living space.

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