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Roof Sheathing Options

Ok, my "fence shed" is done now except for the roof. I have posted a picture under the "Photos" tab.

Final question - since the shed is really an outdoor structure (i.e., not enclosed like a house attic), should I use 3/4" 4'x8' sheets of PT plywood (I know ss or zinc nails) or cedar plywood ? My main concern being rot and bugs which is why I am thinking this route instead of standard CDX plywwod.

The rafters are cedar 2"x4" 16" on center.

The roof slope is 2:12 and will be covered entirely with "ice dam" rubber underlayment and topped off with GAF Timerline AmourShield class IV shingles, 6 nail pattern and hand glued per GAF specs.

Thx !


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What is a "Fence Shed" ??? Cedar Studs ??? Im stumped, and see no picture. Do you see a picture? Why not just more slope, and simple felt ??? Im really confused.


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Here's the picture.

That's some interesting framing you have there.
That's all those pipe looking things suppost to be doing.
No wall studs, no over hang on the roof.
Your not implying just using plywood for the finished roof are you? If so not a great plan.
No form of bare plywoods going to hold up.
With that low a slope you have limited yourself on what types of roofing will work and increased the chances of leaks.
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Thx !

I'm in Dallas.

That framing is standard fence framing for Texas - .095 galv steel posts in 12" dia, 2 ft deep concrete; cedar rails (3 for 6' high fence) and 5/8" x 6" cedar pickets. The posts are usually set 8' apart for 6' fences but I set them only 6' apart for added strength. The X is the back side of the gate. We build them in place with the hinges on and then cut through the 3 rails and the gate in freed. The ledgers are beefed up to 2x6 to hold the 2x4 rafters (cedar rafters, not pine or PT) in joist hangers.

I said the roof sheathing will be covered with "ice dam" membrane and GAF Timberline ArmourShield Class IV shingles (6 nails each and hand glued as well - can get windy down here).

No interior walls so no wall studs (it's a "fence shed") and the only overhang will be 1" of the plywood sheathing and 1/2" of shingles. And yes, no floor either (that's 2" of crushed granite in that entire area).

So the question is just what type of plywood decking to use - 3/4" PT or 3/4" cedar. ANd yes, I am using 3/4" plywood so that the nails don't poke through to anything more than just barely poking through (safty so no head injuries).

Thx again for any help you can provide, I really appreciate it !
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Oh, no more slope due to HOA restrictions on height (can't be seen from street). Thx again.
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I like it!!

I'm not used to having to deal with pest and the like but I would assume PT would be a good deterrent.

3/4" and 16" oc. That's hell-for-stout even in our neck of the woods for something that small

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You need some roof rafters in there....I would do 2x4 at a min of 24" OC....then just use 1/2" CDX plywood. Paint anything exposed to the outside....but inside?...since you have walls around it.....the inside will be fine.

I would consider some the summer it's going to get warm in there....a couple of vents on the low side and one turbine on the peak would do a lot to get the heat the winter you just cover it with a bag. You only get snow there once a year....usually around Jan 2nd....followed by an ice storm....(I used to live in the mid cities)
Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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