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ridiy 09-20-2012 07:49 PM

Roof repair cost
Hi, I just bought a house, removed carpet, bought a bunch of tools and material for installing hardwood floor - but, today I'd like to ask your opinion about this price I got from a contractor for repairing some things in the roof. Can anyone let me know if the price is fair? I'd appreciate any opinion.

- Remove two damaged pipe collars, one 3" and one 1 1/2". Install two new aluminum pipe collars with ice and water leak barrier protection, one 3" and one 1 1/2". Resecure rake fasia on the left back roof: $648.62

- Install twenty linear feet of snow country hidden ridge vent and remove the power fan and block the roof deck with cdx plywood: $497.52

- On the back right there is a piece of FRT that has come up. We will remove the shingles and install a new piece of FRT and install new 15 lb undelayment and shingles to match the existing shingles as close as possible. Remove the old dish bracket and repair the shingles next to it: $678.34

The total was $1824.88 and the estimator said it would be $1642.03 if I signed then, so I did.

There is a clause on cancellation that says "should owner cancel this agreement for any reason prior to the Rescission Date of this Agreement, Company shall return to Owner all payments", but when is the Rescission Date?

joecaption 09-20-2012 07:57 PM

You just got scamed.
I'd stop payment if you wrote a check and get more quotes or do these jobs yourself unless it's a really steep roof or more then one story.

ridiy 09-20-2012 08:27 PM

Thanks for your advice.

I paid $821.02 (deposit) while signing the agreement today.

The agreement's Terms and Conditions says "Cancellation of Agreement: Should owner cancel this agreement for any reason prior to the Rescission Date of this agreement, Company shall return to Owner all payments made under this Agreement within ten (10) days of receipt of the Notice of Cancellation of this Agreement which is incorporated herein and made a part hereof. If the Agreement is breached thereafter without consent of the Company, liquidated damages of 20% of the cash price of the Work, plus a proportionate share of all Work already performed will be due the Company. To cancel this Agreement, mail or deliver a signed and dated notice of Cancellation to the Company at its address no later than midnight of the third business day from this Agreement".

Does it mean that if I deliver a written cancellation notice to them in person tomorrow, I can get the deposit back and cancel the agreement?

GBrackins 09-21-2012 05:20 PM

hopefully .... without having to involve an attorney

joecaption 09-21-2012 05:42 PM

No legit company would offer you a discount if you paid right then and there.
It's a high pressure sales trick.
Most of the work you listed sounded like a one day job for two people (unless this is one big tall house.)

bcdemon 09-23-2012 09:20 AM

Wow, my butt is sore from just reading what happened to you.

ROFL $650 to replace 2 pipe flashings.....

joecaption 09-23-2012 09:25 AM

$25.00 or less in materials and an hours work for $650.00.
I'd take the rest of the week off and go fishing if I made that much money on that job.

ridiy 09-24-2012 09:11 AM

Thanks for the replies. All the replies here really helped me.

I went to the roofing company and gave them a notice of cancellation of contract. The owner of the company asked me whether I thought that the estimator was a "crook". I told him that I would know when I get more estimates. A check for my deposit came the next day. I hope that the check will clear successfully.

By the way, how feasible are the following tasks in my original post for a person who just got the first house and is learning house-related DIY skills? My townhouse has 2 stories and its roof is not that steep.

1. Replacing vent pipes and flashings

2. Removing the power fan, covering its place with CDX plywood, and putting shingles on it

3. Replacing one sheet of FRT, installing underlayment, and putting shingles on it

I think that I can do 1, but 2 and 3 involve moving/cutting/installing plywood on the roof and I am not sure if I can do these.

joecaption 09-24-2012 09:39 AM

Only you know what your comfort zone is, if working up that high makes you nervous, then get someone else that does this for a living do it.
Not fun trying to push that piece of OSB in front of you while trying to climb up the ladder.
Do you even own a ladder that high, or a ciruler saw?
Your going to need a hammer, flat bar, ladder with stand offs, ciruler saw, chaulk line, it would be nice to also have a set of saw horses to cut the OSB on.

allthumbsdiy 09-24-2012 10:04 AM

If you have never done home improvement projects, I would say working on a roof is not something you want as a first project.

I am not saying you can't do it, but if you incorrectly install shingles and ice dam, it can result in roof leaking, which would force you to do more DIY projects.

Good luck.

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