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Roof with possible warping...

I am completely novice when it comes to roofs. I am looking to buy a nice house when i noticed a part of the roof looking a bit weird. You can't see them in these pictures, but there are 3 heat vents on back side. Is this going to be a big project that is going to cost money to fix? On the first pic, at the top pretty much in the middle you can see it. And the second picture more towards the bottom right you can see it either bubble up or something. What's going on here. Thanks guys, I just don't want to buy a house with a big problem.

Also wanted to add, the house is in mid Missouri, not extreme weather by any means. The owner says no leaks, I didn't see any eveidence of leaks in the house. It appears at though it has only one layer of shingles on it, but again I am a novice. It was stated the current shingles are 10-14 years old. Hope that information helps.

Shot at 2012-05-28


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And where is the home inspector you should be hiring to look at this?
Never ever use an inspector your realitor suggest!
Do not believe a word a home owner tells you, there trying to sell it not be your buddy.
The shingles need to be replace anyway there at the end of the life span.
It looks like several things going on with that roof but without someone going in the attic there no way to be 100% sure exactly why it's doing that.

It looks like there was no H clips used between the rafters causing the sagging, as far as the lifting it could be several things, panel was not sitting in the middle of the rafter when it got nailed, no gap between the panels, it's been leaking and cause the panel to curl up ECT.

This is not going to be a simple rip off old shingles replace with new ones. More like remove shingles and all the sheathing then do all over with new sheathing. Get some prices from some roofing companys and subtract that from the selling price.


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shoopaie (05-28-2012)
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Well to be honest, we aren't far enough along in the buying process to hire an inspector yet. Unfortunately I've heard a couple times now that the fixing of this problem is going to be more major than it would be minor. Asking the seller to fix this is going to be a long shot for sure. Basically, if the roof is in that condition I might want to just walk away from it all together. Thanks so much for the helpful info.
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Those vertical lines are HORRIBLE !!!!! That is bad when a 6" offset is that bad on a start.

And you would think some of those soffit panels would be vented.I would like to see some pix of the venting.You probably have 3/8" plywood on stretched centers and inadequate ventilation.

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Originally Posted by Roofmaster417 View Post
Those vertical lines are HORRIBLE !!!!! That is bad when a 6" offset is that bad on a start.
Had to be a do it yourself or a drunk roofer!!!
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I'm thinking the roof is sinking in. Inside the door, and to the right, is it a wide open living room area going back to the dining room? Looks like no center (load bearing) wall. That and 3/8" ply sheathing that probably has been cooked over the last few decades are sagging in bad.

If the current HO will fix before selling, then have at it, otherwise I would walk away and save my headaches for something else.


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