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taty 06-04-2008 12:15 PM

roof over roof
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I want to put a roof over existing roof.
Purpose is to add an insulation and to create an overhang (now roof ends when meets the wall,).
Roof is pretty steep in most places, Tudor house 1927.
Existing roof with asphalt shingles and fiberglass insulation doesn't have ridge ventilation, attic is finished in 50% of the house(where roof is steepest), other 50% of it is over bedrooms(no hight to add rigid ins. from inside due to low ceiling).
Any advise on roofing material?
I like the idea of rubber slate...
Any advise on insulation? (we pored polyurethane foam in walls:thumbsup:)
How much this project will cost if I hire roofer, and do I need a permit?

Thanks, guys!

taty 06-05-2008 11:50 AM

:help:Noone want to give an advice:cry:? Is this idea not smart in a first place:oops:? Then how I will increase roof's insulation value :wallbash:? heating bill is:hang: .... Thanks:yes:

Ed the Roofer 06-05-2008 01:33 PM

No one knows how big your structure is, based on a photo, nor do they know the area you are from, whether or not they require permits or not.

Even if I knew your area, prices are dependant on local wages and insurance requirements for each entity, which I can not place myself in.

I can tell you that a similar Tudor I did 1 1/2 years ago, wound up being around $ 29,000.00 with a whole slough of wood replacement costs and structural framing repairs required.

You need proper Intake and Exhaust Ventilation for your rafter bays to have a free flowage of air going through them though.


taty 06-05-2008 01:46 PM

to Edd
Area of 1 floor is about 1500sf- guess roof is similar.
Location is Upstate NY, permit is needed if there are structural changes or affecting a footprint. is about 30K? what roof made of in this scenario?

Grumpy 06-18-2008 04:44 PM

You want to install a new roof over an old roof? BOoo Hiss!

Do you go to work a full day at the office, after 8 hours get a little funky, then on your way home stop at the gymand work out and get real funky, then change your clothes and go to dinner with the family? Guess what even though you changed clothes, you still stink! Teake a shower you stinky! :) In other words tear off the old stinky roof. How can you ever expect to have a good new roof installing that new roof over the existing bad roof?

You probably do need a permit, call your local buildign dept and ask, and don't hire anyone who doesn't want a permit. You may also need to hire a licensed contractor. You may want to read this...

Looking at your roof I can guess the house to be 40+ squares. I don't know how large it is in the rear. I don't know how many layers you have on the roof to be removed, since I would never install a new roof over an old one. I think 30k is on the low side and no where near realistic if you choose to install a fake slate material... although a davicni slate would look REAL nice. New construction price for your house would exceed $40k for davinci slate, plus tear off!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to insulation and ventilation. I'm a fan of insulation but also free flowing ventilation. So too much insulation is a bad thing. On the other hand the sprayed in place foam insulation sprayed directly to the underside of the roof sheathing/decking is becomeing more and more common, and this kind of insulation would not require ventilation. It's still a little too controversial for my tastes however. I've done a few asphalt shingle jobs with the sprayed insulation and I am eager to check them out in a few years and see how they are doing.

taty 06-18-2008 10:54 PM

sounds really like my day- work:hammer:, gym:boxing:, dinner:drink:.

Thanks, Grumpy, but I was talking about roof over roof without shingles in between. All the point in double insulation. By the way, in the rear my house looks pretty much like in the front- the same long, but pretty narrow.
Story is... I have a finished and opened to second floor attic, and in the attic and by the opening to the below temperature is getting pretty cold in winter, and hot in summer.
But...I have a friend in Germany, who has a "passive energy" house, which (house) has 24" thick walls (wall over wall over wall+ brick) and 26" thick roof (roof over roof over roof + shingles). It was build like a layered cake, with studs and rafters missing each other in every layer by a few inches. He pays for heating (including water), and cooling about $500 a year. (If I am lucky with weather it is my monthly bill, but we are in the same weather zone). Also the friend's house has a very comfortable feeling with no drafts, and even temperature throughout the 3 story house + basement.
Just got bitten by this bug...Part of my roof in the back doesn't have shingles anyways, bought it this way, no one noticed, including inspector..

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