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Originally Posted by dougp23 View Post
I agree with taking all the pictures you can. Be friendly about it " I just want to record what a big job this was and how it all went", something non confrontational like that.

As far as a permit goes, where I live, the HOMEOWNER is responsible for the permit, not the contractor! If you tell the contractor to start, they ASSUME you got the permit.

Call your local town or city hall, and ask for the building inspector to come out. If it's a fly by night operation, they will be very intimidated when the code guy comes out. Maybe the code guy has heard of these people and can advise you as well....and if they're doing it wrong, a code guy is the perfect one to say "stop, and do it right".

Good luck.
I wouldn't, at this point (they're probably done by now). You may open a can of worms with this strategy (fines, red-tagging the job, etc).


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Originally Posted by titanoman View Post
I wouldn't, at this point (they're probably done by now). You may open a can of worms with this strategy (fines, red-tagging the job, etc).
Good point. The homeowner is in a tough spot...make them stop and you have the roof left unfinished, let them finish and it's done wrong (maybe), etc.
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There has not been one post referring to a poor quality install in this entire thread.
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I tried to find a contractor that wasn't "sticking it " to us or the insurance company. No, we did not go with the cheapest . We knew we would have some out of pocket expense for some possible repairs as well as new gutters. I have tried to be patient, understanding, forgiving, and anything in between. I saw the true measure of this man's character at 1:30 a.m this morning. My husband awoke to a soaked bed due to the attic flooding in water. The water leaks are so bad they are flooding in through the light fixtures on to the bed. We quit counting the leaks due to looking for buckets and totes for water up there due to trying to get buckets, totes and anything large enough to hold water . Our master bedroom ceiling is about to collapse. I called the contractor and left a message at 1:00 in the morning. Told me " The Calvary is on the way" I stayed up until 4 a.m waiting on that "Calvary" that never came while I waited up for them. . According to my husband, they came somewhere around 8 a.m , never came to the door, never said a word, threw a tarp up and left.He sent the poor fellows that have had to endure this while this owner/contractor is who knows where enjoying his weekend off.Unbelievable. We are numb at this point.We are gobsmacked. My husband is fearful of throwing him off the job fearing no one else will take the job. I say we go no further until I see the credentials that I was so foolish to believed that they were up to date or even ever existed. If this guy didn't show when the ceiling has water pouring through because of some bad roofing decisions of tearing off more than could be roofed that day..


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