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brianmaryjo2 01-15-2009 09:28 AM

Roof Leak
Our roof is not even 3 years old and we had a leak when the snow started to melt about a month ago. I have contacted the sales person who said they would contact the roofer but of course, I have not heard anything. We can't get into the attic to take a look at the leak because it is blown with insulation from the celining down.

What rights do I have as a consumer. I can't imagine that this is something the roofer should not come out and look at?

Slyfox 01-15-2009 04:42 PM

Is there a written contract.

Is there a written warranty.

The sales person won't be the one to honor the warranty 'if there is one' unless he's an owner/partner in the roofing company,
so try contacting the office of the roofing company and make sure they are aware of what's going on.

Your state attorneys office and other groups such as the BBB all like to hear that you have tried contacting the contractor atleast a few times before you take any additional steps.

Ed the Roofer 01-15-2009 09:14 PM

Ice Damming is an act of Nature.

If your area building code officials required the proper amount of an Ice and Water Shield product to be installed, and it was not, then the contractor would still have liability.

Typically, new construction homes only carry a one year warranty.

1st, have a roofing professional come out and carefully check to see if any Ice and Water Shield membrane was installed and then also see if it is code in your area.

Some codes refer to the product getting installed so it reached a minimum of 12" past the exterior wall of heated living quarters and some others require it to go 24" past the exterior wall of heated living spaces.

Proper Balance Intake and Exhaust ventilation play a significant part in the potential for the formation of Ice Dams.

So does the R-Value and placement of the attic insulation, as well as providing insulation baffle vent chtes to allow the Intake Ventilation Air Flow to circumvent the mounded insulation at the lowest recesses of the roof decking, where it intersects the exterior bearing wall.

Where is the location of your leak or leaks coming from?


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