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redracer3368 02-06-2011 10:39 PM

Roof Inspector
I live in Conway, Arkansas and we are in the process of having our roof replaced by what we thought was a reputable company. I am not a roofer but our roof looks like crap. Granted it is winter even in Arkansas but the shingles look buckled like they had been bent over something prior to being nailed to the roof. I figured after it got warm they would lay down and that is what I have been told by the roofer. My question is are there roofing inspectors? or does that fall under the category of Home Inspections? This was an insurance claim and they claimed they would tear everything off and replace it for what the insurance would pay. The business is local but we think he subcontracts the labor to Hispanic's to save himself some money but the one person who spoke broken English on the first day left and never returned. The owner of the company showed up later in the day to try and drum up some business (he couldn't remember if it was hail or wind damage). We had questions to ask but no way to communicate with the crew working on the roof. Even the owner said he didn't speak spanish so how is he to communicate with them either?:mad:

Slyfox 02-07-2011 08:13 AM

For the most part roofing inspections are done by inspectors who do complete home inspections.

A lot of good local contractors have problems with handling high volume work that commonly comes with storm damage hit area's and end up subbing work out.
I would start with contacting the roofing contractor and express your concerns, you don't want anyone traveling your roof until you have given the original contractor the chance to deal with the issues you have about the workmanship, because it could violate the workmanship warranty provided by him.

As far as lumped up shingles on a winter time install, sometimes it really is a matter of waiting for a few sunny/warm days and they will lay down properly.
Not suggesting that's all it is in your case, just saying it's possible.

Snap some pictures and post them here.

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