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wgg1848 03-13-2010 04:20 AM

Roof Felt Damage
In January my daughters bungalow suffered a very serious hot water pipe burst in the attic. The pipe was lagged. Ins Company are meeting the claim estimated at 100,000 +
The hot water was pumped out by the condensing boiler for an estimated 18 hours. The bungalow resembled a very hot sauna when the damage was discovered. 10 degrees below freezing outside, horrendous heat inside. Ceilings down and studded walls buckled.
Our concern is the roof and the felt and the damage to this from the steam.
Has anybody any experience of this type of internal damage from steam and the long term effect on the felt.
The bungalow was built in the early 1970's.
Light can be seen coming in from gaps in the felt. Whilst the felt is designed to be water proofed on its 'outside' does the same apply to its 'inside'?
Ins companys work schudule shows no work needed to roof, this after their buildings inspectors report.
Any advice appreciated as we are concerned with the phrase 'pre-existing condition'.

stuart45 03-13-2010 02:31 PM

You will see light coming through where the felt is lapped, as it has some slack between the rafters to allow any penetrating water to run under the battens. There shouldn't be any holes or rips in the felt though. If you have concrete interlocking tiles a small amount of light can come through.

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