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frecks 11-12-2011 08:51 PM

Roof damage covered by homeowner's insurance

I'm new to the site, and we are trying to repair damage to our house.

Our house is only three years old, and today we found water damage to the dining room walls. It is so severe that you can poke your finger through to the outside, the wood is that destroyed. It appears that it is due to water coming down through the roof, likely going on for years (since the house was built).

My husband is working on drying out the walls right now, but I was just curious - will our homeowner's insurance cover something like this? Is it worth filing a claim?


oh'mike 11-12-2011 09:07 PM

That should be a covered loss---worth filing or not will depend on the cost of the repairs of course--certainly worth investigating---

Msradell 11-15-2011 02:28 PM

As mike said it should be covered. The possible exception would be if there is very obvious workmanship issues in the roofing that was done by the original builder. In that case I would think you could pursue him for the cost of repairs through small claims court!

Roofmaster417 11-18-2011 06:29 PM

Have you noticed if any material (shingles) was missing from your roof?

It might be possible that storms may have blown off or loosened some material.Generally the storm systems that cause blow offs or loosening will be winds in excess of the materials capabilities.Also sustained winds will cause the same type of damage.

Just because your shingles can withstand a manufacture tested amount of winds that does not necessarily mean that they can withstand sustained winds for extended periods of time.

Typical hail will not penetrate a roof system.Typical IMO is pea size up to golf balls.And even with golf balls it depends on the density of the stone.

I have seen the after math of solid baseballs that have penetrated roof systems and devastated home exteriors.

I have also seen first hand what softball and grapefruit size hail can do in 2010 when OKC and surrounding areas got bombed by this massive hail.Softball,baseball and tennis ball can/have/will penetrate.

Before I called your adjuster I would first do a visual inspection of your roof.Slyfox brought up a very safe way of doing a roof inspection.Binoculars are a very safe way to inspect your roof system.

If no damage is found,(missing,flapping or other things that don't seem right) call a reputable contractor for a roof inspection.

It is also possible that your roof is fine.I have seen walls with damage from,window caps,fascia wrap,gable vents

A couple things to consider before calling your adjuster.

1.Is your roof missing material?

2.If yes.,Why?

3.Is the material damage due to a severe storm in your area?

4.Have you had a roof inspection?

5.After the inspection has the damage been confirmed as roof related?

6.How many claims have you filed recently?

7.If you have had a claim recently has all the repairs been made that your insurer provided coverage for?

8.Damage to deductible ratio.,.,If your interior damage is $1000 and your deductible is $1000 or more than IMO it is hardly worth burning a claim to break even.

It is ultimately your decision but I would look closely to the things I listed before making the call.

Not all insurers will try to side step coverage or only give you a very small amount but IMO they do and will.That is speaking from experience.About 80% of my volume is insurance related.

Also depending on your policy,,,interior or exterior damaged might not be covered.

If the roof was installed improperly resulting in interior damage then both interior and exterior will not be covered.

That is called a mechanical issue.(Improper installation resulting in damage)

If you do have storm damage and shingles were blown off resulting in water damage to your interior then you will be covered.

If you have a reputable contractor in your corner who is knowledgeable with insurance work.,he can also tarp your roof if the damage is storm related.

At anytime you receive any interior damage storm damage or not it is a very good idea to tarp (If possible) the area eliminating damage or preventing further damage.

The insurers expect for the homeowners to do what they can to eliminate or limit further damage.

The insurers will also compensate you or the contractor for emergency repairs.

It is so benificial to have a reputable contractor meet with your adjuster in the event your damage is storm related.I have personally found damage from storms and called for a reinspection after the adjusters told the insured that no damage was present.

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