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butchbs1985 09-05-2011 11:29 PM

Roof Cap / Staining - Lichen Question
Question about my roof cap shingles. On the south side of my detached garage the cap shingles are shot. No grit left and curling up. On the rest of the garage and the house there is noticeable wear on the cap shingles (like it's time to replace soon).

Is it practical to replace just the ridge shingles? No ridge vents just regular ones on both the house and garage. The roof on the south side of the house looks great (one cracked architectural shingle but otherwise like new). The North side of the roof is mostly shaded and is very stained and has lichens and a small amount of moss growing on it.

That brings me to my second question: Does moss / lichen pose a threat to the roof or is it just aesthetics? If it's a threat, any way to tell how much damage has been done? I don't know how old the roof is as it isn't in the paperwork from when I bought the house. I'll ask the neighbor when I see him :).

If the north side of the house's roof is going to need to be replaced within a year or so, I will just buy a package of closely matching ridge cap and fix the BAD area on the garage. Then re-roof everything in a year or so. Is there any way to get a good estimate on how much life is left in the roof? If Pics would help, I will post them tomorrow. Thanks!

EDIT: I did search around but everyone just talks of removal / prevention methods for lichens / moss. Nobody seems to talk about what damage they may / may not do. If just cleaning them off is advisable, anyone know where to get zinc strips that I can put across the roof to prevent it from recurring (if it is an issue).

butchbs1985 09-06-2011 09:58 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Here's some pics to elaborate:
1. Garage
2. North Roof Lichens / Crack
3. North Roof
4. Worst cap on house


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