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pramos67 03-28-2007 01:55 PM

Roof/Attic Ventilation
I am in the early process of getting quotes for a replacement roof on my one and half story house. The roof is in fair condition but my primary reason for a new roof is to improve ventilation in the attic. I live in Oklahoma and there were a few times last year that the attic reached above 180 degrees and as you can imagine the bedrooms upstairs were quite uncomfortable and even placing small a/c in them did not help much. After reading lots on the internet and this forum and think a lot of my problems are due to poor/no attic ventilation.

The current ventilation situation with my roof is 2 turbines vents on the primary roof (south side) above garage which is the largest portion of the attic. The air inlets are the problem as there is only one and it is small (10 x 14) and from what I can see it actually can do no good since it is completely blocked off by a dormer and insulation. One more thing, my roof has no soffits and no way to add them.

I believe my options are as follows. I would appreciate comments for each unless you have a better alternative.

Option 1
Install the required amount of louver vents for exhaust and do nothing for intake.

Option 2
Install gable vents into house to use for intake along with the louver vents.

Option 3
Install the required amount of louver vents for exhaust and install a GAF intake booster to add some intake air.

Option 4
Install Power Gable Vent for exhaust and another gable vent for intake and do not install any other louvers for exhaust

Option 5
Install gable vent for inlet and power exhaust along with intake booster

Option 6
Install gable vents for inlet and exhaust

Also for your information - Here are my numbers for my attic

Length 27
Width 29

Attic Square Feet 783
Net Free Area Required 2.87 square feet

Intake required 2.87 / 2 = 1.44 = 207 square inches
Exhaust required 2.87 / 2 = 1.44 = 207 square inches

joasis 03-28-2007 06:41 PM

If you can get gable vents, and the turbines are functional, you will notice an immediate improvement. Turbines won't do a thing if they don't have air to move. When you are getting quotes on your roof, that would be a great time to add insulation, especially if your attic areas are inaccesible from the attic access. If you go with a light colored steel roof, you will qualify for a 25% reduction in your HO insurance, and the reflective value of steel in Oklahoma is a proven fact...can save you big bucks on cooling in the summer.

I am in Northern Oklahoma if you need further advice...feel free to drop me a line.

AaronB 03-28-2007 09:38 PM

I know I am in the minbority on this, but I agree with joasis onr the turbines with attic is quite a wind tunnel at times, and these are my vent types.

pramos67 03-29-2007 08:56 AM

What do you think about just installing one gable vent on the west side of the house since that is where the most wind usually comes from and then remove the turbines and install the needed louver type exhausts? or should I put a gable in each end?

joasis 03-29-2007 12:19 PM

Warm air you get the picture. I would have gable vents on every gable...just like we install in new construction....if you don't like the turbines, you can have a vented ridge installed with the new roof, or a flat style vent, for passive ventilation...but remember, a turbine draws air when it is turning slowly...and air is what you want to move.

roofwiz74 03-29-2007 07:48 PM

when I was roofing out in lawton,OK I used to install alot of drip edge that had a vent built in.I'll look for it,it's been awhile.
I've put on some that had louvers cut into the face of the drip and another kind that had a mesh behind it .that with the turbines or ridge will help get good circulation.

found one of them

pramos67 03-30-2007 12:27 PM

Ok I know for sure I am going to add 2 gable louver vents on the west and east side of the house. My question now is what do you think about installing a power vent to the roof and use the gable vents to bring in air?

I know there are drawbacks to the power vent i.e. cost - but I am willing to take those if I can be sure I am removing the heat from the attic.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

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