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shadango 06-26-2008 06:37 AM

Roof apron questions
Hi folks...

I had roof apron installed during my roof install and now that the gutters are going on, seems that the first gutter they are installing slopes AWAY slightly from the drain end....resulting in rainwater from last night's rains rising up to almost the top edge of the gutter on the downside, and almost none on the drain end....which means water will end up just sitting there....this is about a 20 foot long piece.

Making it worse, the gutter for the porch that will tie into it hasnt been hung yet, so an overflow situation is definate.

They have the gutters hung on the flange of the roof apron.....I was told by the contractor that this system is meant to "just hang" on the roof apron with no detectable slope"...but it was also mentioned to me that they may have to raise the low end of the gutter up (well, I could have told them that) but my question to the experts here is , won't that open up a channel between the apron and gutter that water can back right up into, thus negating the whole idiea of the roof apron to begin with? Or is this a non issue?

Thanks for your advice folks.

the roofing god 06-28-2008 11:57 PM

the gutter should be slightly pitched from the high end towards the drain,I prefer to use custom bent 3x3" flashing behind the gutter,and pitch the gutter rather than relying on dead level setting to drain water from it`s lowest point which should normally be the drain,but with todays construction,you rarely find buildings built on dead level,let alone find fascia installed dead level---it shouldn`t be a problem as long as the gutter isn`t higher than the roof edge,and the bottom of the gutter doesn`t rest on the bent edge of the roof apron,and cause the water to flow back on the roof (backup)

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