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jerry1967 06-06-2010 11:15 AM

Ridge vents and roof vents
I have ridge vents and roof vests with the end vents covered. My roofer told me to close the roof vents and keep the end vents closed because I quess they fight each other or I wouldn't get the proper ventilation. I also need some more soffit vents but I haven't figured out how to do it. I am getting a new roof installed so maybe the roofer can had some soffit vents. Am I right on this thinking? Right now I have a vented soffit ever three feet but I quess that is not enough. Anybody have any ideas how to get more inflow of air now that I am getting new singles put on?

Ed the Roofer 06-06-2010 05:53 PM

Yes, remove and close off the old static air vent holes and replace the plywood in those areas.

Also, have your roofing contractor install Smart Vent, manufactured by DCI Products Inc., along the eave edges of the roof for continuous Intake Ventilation.

Do a Search through the roofing forum here. It has been discussed and recommended strongly.


jerry1967 06-06-2010 10:10 PM

Is it possible to put smart vents up after the shingles are on?

handy man88 06-06-2010 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by jerry1967 (Post 452329)
Is it possible to put smart vents up after the shingles are on?

If you check the website, a 1" continuous slit is recommended to be cut across the roof sheathing, so no, you cannot install the smart vent w/o removing shingles.

Given that, I'm not sure the webpage explains how the smart vent does NOT suffer ice damming besides a claim that it is "New England Ice Damming Tests Approved."

Ed the Roofer 06-07-2010 05:40 PM

A "Cool" attic prevents the natural phenonenom that creates and exasperates Ice Damming.

The more free flowing air intake and exhaust you have, the less amount of "Hot Spots" you will have in your attic.

Dams occur when the excessive heat build up inside the attic transfers to through the roof and melts tha snow on top, along with the suns radient light. When the sun goes down, there still remains the interir heat continuing to melt the snow, but at the soffit overhang areas, there remains a cooled down spot which quickly takes the melted water coming down and re-freezes it, creating the dam.


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